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Les sucres et édulcorants – douceurs amères

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False needs or real dangers, sugars are essential to our body and more particularly to our brain and our muscles which are the first to use them to work normally. What are good and bad sugars, do we need sweeteners as substitutes ? which ones ? Can honey replace sugar ? This complete book indicates all we have to know about sugars (and sweet foods) and sweeteners : What quantity and quality are hidden in our daily foods ? What do they become in our body, which are their benefits and damaging effects ? What sugars should we ingest according to our profile ? (If we are sporty, pregnant, old or student, etc.) ? What is a glycemic index ? This book describes also all main sugars sold in supermarkets (refined, cane, molasses, beet, barley, palm tree, rice, etc.) as well as their properties. At the end, the author indicates fifteen kinds of honey and their therapeutic benefits. Pioneer in the agrobiology field and promoter of non conventional Medicine, Doctor JEAN-CLAUDE RODET is also a nutritherapist since forty years. He speaks in an agricultural efficiency’s favour without chemicals, as well as in a new medicine of nutrition’d favour called nutritherapy.


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ISBN: 9782716315555
Title: Les sucres et édulcorants – douceurs amères
Release date: 24/09/2015
Page number: 176
Format: 15x22