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Savorgan de Brazza

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This book is the story of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza ( 1852-1905 ), big explorer of the beginning of the century to whom we owe the name of Brazzaville city (Congo). He investigated the right bank of the Congo river, opening the way to the French colonization in equatorial Africa. Its gentleness, its charm, its peaceful approach of the Africans made of Brazza a figure of exception among his contemporaries who investigated Africa in the name of the western major powers. The local populations of Brazzaville recently honoured Savorgan de Brazza by raising a mausoleum to its attention. These ashes were also transferred to it in October, 2006. The author, René Maran ( 1887-1960 ), awarded the 1st Goncourt prize attributed to a black in 1921 with his entitled book “Batouala”.


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ISBN: 9782716314091
Title: Savorgan de Brazza
Release date: 24/09/2009
Page number: 238
Format: 15 x 22