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Origines et pratiques des anciens tradithérapeutes

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Work for every person who wants to know and to understand the History of ancient therapists and their reason for being today. Whom are they, how do they practice today? How their knowledge is transmitted since several generations? What exacly is a ancient therapist ? This book describes their tools and their usage, instruments of the times, the therapist’s function as it relates to past and present. How to become a hands-on healer, a spelll breaker or a bonesetter ? What is the process ? How these therapies have been passed on through the ages? Martine Dick is a dowser since thirty years. She practices in Alsace, East part of France. She follows one’s calling since two generations.


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ISBN: 9782716314299
Title: Origines et pratiques des anciens tradithérapeutes
Release date: 19/08/2010
Page number: 334
Format: 16 x 24