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Les Echos de lumière

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Why, one might ask, “Echoes of Light”? It was, in fact, Simone Weiss, always acutely in tune with the meaning of words and their vibrations – and who passed away not long ago at the ripe old age of 100 – who suggested this title. Ms Weiss had accomplished extensive work on translating spiritual texts with her husband Jacques Weiss, graduate of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, and translator of ‘La Vie Des Maitres’ under the pseudonym Louis Colombelle.. Often referenced by astrophysicists, echoes of light here are the very link between spirituality and science. This book transcribed by free-intuitive, stream of consciousness writing, depicts a world in total upheaval. We – all of us – are faced with our limitations, our frustrations, our fears of an overwhelming materialism. Meanwhile we are witness to the emergence of a new – and powerful – renewed consciousness. In the words of the ” Dialogues with the Angel “, these writings are revealed to us, page after page, not unlike an illuminated echo of the patch of each of us, a spiritual guide where each word fits for those that truly ‘hear’. A career Product Manager in pharmaceutical laboratory, Brigitte Quéro has been receiving spontaneous** messages since 1985.


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ISBN: 9782716313933
Title: Les Echos de lumière
Release date: 19/02/2009
Page number: 176
Format: 15 x 22