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Le massage chinois Tui Na



Tui Na is the ancient art of Chinese massage that, for centuries, has been practiced to enhance health and well-being and which has become an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. It includes the massaging of acupuncture points, but what is striking is the extensive variety of techniques that it comprises, each with its own deliberate and unique effect on the flow of vital energy in our body. The specific effect on this force constitutes in some way the ‘spirit’ of each technique. The thirty basic techniques – Yao (‘rotating’), Tui (‘pushing’), Qic (‘piano-playing’), Gun (‘rolling’), and many others – are described in this manual for both preventative as well as therapeutic protocols. Many illustrations and over 100 photos help the reader to better understand the process.

ISBN : 9782716318211

Title :

Le massage chinois Tui Na

Release title : 15/06/2023

Page number : 180

Format : 15 x 22

About the author

Christophe Labigne graduated from the European University of Chinese Medicine and graduated (3rd cycle) from the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier: Chinese Medicine, Chinese Massage and Qi Gong. Certified by the Qi Gong Research Institute of Beijing, and attached to the Academy of Medicine and the French Union of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, he practices in the Montpellier area (France).  

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