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Le monde invisible du corps humain



Are you curious to discover this great machine that is your human body? 

Do you know how every little piece of the huge puzzle we are comes together to maintain our health? 

This passionate young author take you on this journey inside your body, dive into your cells or visit the inside of your microbiota, your brain, your heart…

A new way of offering you, with humour, a captivating journey into the heart of the infinitely small.

ISBN : 9782716318136

Title :

Le monde invisible du corps humain

Release title : 18/05/2023

Page number : 240

Format : 15 x 22

About the author

Victor Murison, 28 years old, has always been passionate about nature and life. He entered the AgroParisTech School of Life Sciences Engineers where he specialized in biotechnology and microalgae.

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