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    Jean-Philippe Zahalka



Dictionnaire complet des Hydrolats & eaux florales

Subjects: , . By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka

Cosmetics use hydrolats and floral water as cleansing and tonic lotions for the face as well as parfumed water to refresh the body. What do we really know about those, the way of using it and their benefits on our bodies?


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ISBN: 9782716316187
Title: Dictionnaire complet des Hydrolats & eaux florales
Release date: 24/08/2017
Page number: 224
Format: 17 x 22

About the author
Jean-Philippe Zahalka is Doctor in Chemistery. His books are the result of experiments with Essential Oils spanning over twenty years. Full of information with professional advice and special precautions, the author prepares also his own essential oil formulas for his customers in his pharmacy located in Paris.