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S’exprimer et devenir soi par la Communication Profonde Accompagnée

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This method comes from the ‘facilitated communication ” introduced in Australia at the end of 1970s by Mrs RoseMary CROSSLEY. She worked as a teacher with disabled children suffering from IMC (CEREBRAL-MOTOR Disease). Facilitated communication (FC) is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of a communicatively impaired individual while using a keyboard or other devices with the aim of helping the individual to develop pointing skills and to communicate. The Deep Accompanied Communication (CPA), shows the unexpected and deeply moving dimension of persons deprived of words and apparently imprisoned into their everyday life. Proponents of FC suggest that some people with autism and moderate and profound mental retardation may have “undisclosed literacy”, or the capacity for other symbolic communication, consistent with higher intellectual functioning than has been presumed. This book comes from the experiments of two professionals focuses on How Facilitated Communication Is Challenging Traditional Views of Autism and disability. The book describes in detail the techniques and applications as well as its additional tools for personal growth. It is dedicated to parents, educators, therapists, researchers, philosophers, and all the medical staff.


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ISBN: 9782716315838
Title: S’exprimer et devenir soi par la Communication Profonde Accompagnée
Release date: 02/09/2010
Page number: 192
Format: 15 x 22