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5 minutes de retard



In the words of Paul Eluard, “There is no such thing as coincidence, only meetings.” This book is a collection of 22 short stories, each bringing a major change of life to the main character. Could it be your story, a little bit of you? Show up five minutes late and everything can tilt, shift, change… and the moment after. Although pure fiction, these short stories take place in our modern world of today. A sampling: “Jack Said,” in which we find that a childhood act can have an effect long after, in adult life. The past always catches up, it seems. “Five Minutes Late,” will make us wonder why we take so long to make up our mind. It is frightening to realize that a mere few minutes can, in fact, radically alter our life. And that of others. “The Present in Room 69” To face the choice: Yes or No. To assume responsibility for the outcome. Must we always follow the beaten path? Should we take risks? Each one of us can make the right choice, if we listen to our inner voice. And just what does it tell us, this inner voice? “Lucky Day” Everything is relative. What appears to be a major catastrophe can, by taking a step back, be seen as the chance of a lifetime. Isn’t it time we had more faith in life, in our judgment? “” We, all of us, spend our life looking everywhere for happiness. At any cost. Such is the lot of mankind. But much too often we fail to realize that happiness is right in front of us. Fate deals us tricky hands indeed. Rachel Colas, at 40, is taking part in her first short story competition, sponsored by a major French magazine for women. “Lucky Day” will no doubt garner reader’s votes. The die is cast; novels are on the way? Rachel Colas lives in Belgium.

ISBN : 9782716314015

Title :

5 minutes de retard

Release title : 15/05/2009

Page number : 208

Format : 13,5X21

About the author

After a career in human resources, Rachel Colas decided at forty to make a new turn in her Professional life and to improve her knowledge in psychology. She studied and graduated from a Neuro Linguistic Programming degree. She lives now in Namur, Belgium.

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