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Vivre ses émotions

Just as world-class actors and actresses are able to mask their true emotions while displaying something altogether different, as called for their script, we can learn to live with our feelings and to express them freely.

Whether in our professional or personal life, we are all entitled to our own opinion, even if it is at odds with those around us. We have the right to be angry, to express heartfelt emotions, or to live an intensely happy life. What is crucial, though, is that the emotions not be negative, and that they express in a positive way the message we wish to convey.

This handy manual, based on the word ‘Mantra’ (a ‘thought device’, in Sanskrit), is filled with numerous examples and concrete exercises that help us get in step with the thrust of the book. Its principal purpose is to arouse the potential, present in each of us, to freely and intelligently live out our emotions as much in intimacy as in social life.

This manual is not a recipe; it is a guide. It provides leads and observations that can help us develop our Emotional Quotient (EQ).


ISBN : 9782716313988

Title :

Vivre ses émotions

Release title : 23/03/2009

Page number : 176

Format : 14 x 22

About the author

Patrick Merlevede, Master of Sciences, has been involved with NLP since 1992, applying these principles to Human Resources (Recruitment, Training and Coaching), with customers in France and abroad. The interest generated by this book has led to an unofficial internet-based questionnaire, COMET/EQ, to help with the tests and the exercises. Mr. Merlevede also co-authored "How to Find and Use your Emotional Intelligence".
After a career in human resources, Rachel Colas decided at forty to make a new turn in her Professional life and to improve her knowledge in psychology. She studied and graduated from a Neuro Linguistic Programming degree. She lives now in Namur, Belgium.

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