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    • Bien nourrir son enfant, c’est possible ! By: Véronique Lopez 18,00

      – How to choose milk for a newborn?
      – How to cope with various eating disorders suddenly encountered?
      – How to manage the attraction of children and teenagers for industrial products (spreads, candy bars, sodas)?

      – Should you give products from organic farming to your child to avoid possible health problems?

      This comprehensive and well-documented practice guide talks about nutrition (diet, lifestyle, intolerance) and about the dietary needs of children, from birth to adolescence.
      The author also shares a reflection on the role played by the education system and by the collective life, while analysing social problems and environmental issues.

    • L’éducation prénatale naturelle – NE 18,00

      These last decades, scientific and psychological researches confirm the millennium intuition of women: in utéro, child is a sensory, sensitive and reacting being. Since his conception, his cells gather information at the same time that they form: the antenatal child builds the first health bases, his affectivity, his relational modes, his intellectual abilities, even his creativity. This antenatal, natural education, is fundamental. In a clear and simple language, this present work gather useful knowledge, testimonies and suggestions susceptible to feed the creativity of the parents-to-be. Educators, young people, public and social decision-makers will find global information which can guide their choices. Marie-Andrée Bertin is honorary director of nursery school in charge of the training of the Masters to the plans departmental and national. By 1982 in France, it takes part in the foundation of the first Association for Antenatal Education, then in 1991 with that of the OMAEP (Worldwide organization for Antenatal Education) which gathers 19 national associations diffusing out of three continents new knowledge on the antenatal life.

    • Dîtes le aux femmes enceintes 16,25

      In spite of the profusion of information available on the NET and in the medias, and the wide range of advices on the subject, women would find in this book strong answers to their intimate questions. This manual is more than an accompaniment for women from pregnancy to childbirth. It has been settled thanks to 8000 witnesses of pregnant women and the strong experience of the author. Illustrated with 50 pictures, he proposes major points, answers of common sense, practical advices. Formerly speech therapist at the Hospital of the Pitié Salpétrière in Paris (Service of Neuropsychology), Marie-Hélène Demey, teachs yoga for pregnant women.