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Aging well

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    • Les clés du bien vieillir 22,00

      Currently, there is many books about “well aging”, this subject has become more and more popular. Solutions are simple most of the time, but people continue to have fear about aging, not living well their retirement and assimilate old age with boredom and isolation

    • Je veux être un jeune centenaire ou Les incontournables d’une bonne santé By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 23,00

      Dr Willem dedicates his part time to research, trying to improve results obtained in strong pathologies. Since around thirty years, he works out his own protocols of treatment being particularly interested in pathologies for which allopathic medicine does not give results : cancers, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, strong eczemas, cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, migraines, cholesterol, hormonal disorders, etc. This book presents a synthesis of his work. Patients will find a source of information on origins of their health problems and special remedies to their troubles. All strong pathologies are described in detail with their causes, characteristics, preventions, specific analyses for each of them and the therapeutic steps to explore alternative medicines. All analyses to be made to appreciate health and tests, and weakness of the body are indicated in this book. By browsing this book, each of you will find a guide there who will accompany you maybe until 100 years.