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    • Le druidisme au quotidien By: Viviane Le Moullec 25,00

      Discover many aspects:

      • THE HOUSE. Learn how to spot a favorable place, install your home in the right place, get inspired by the ancient science of menhirs to organize your home or your studio.

      • PLANTS. Even if you do not have a garden, you can have pots to welcome the clover who consoles sorrows, mistletoe and holly celebrating love, a basket to have the apples of druidesses and a vase for the healing couple Rose and Lis …

      • MAGICAL POTIONS . With what you have in your kitchen, tame our friends plants and prepare true plant alchemical elixirs.

      • THE LEGENDS OF THE CELTIC WORLD. Discover the true meaning that teaches you how to put beauty and love into your daily life.

      • SPIRITUALITY. 4000 years ago, an incredible climate change brought us into “Cytraul”, the cold hell of despair. We have a chance to escape by rehabilitating the Divine Beings that are the Man and the Woman.

      At the end of this book, you will find:

      • A DICTIONARY of 250 Druidic definitions, terms and expressions and Celtic, diagrams and examples applicable daily.

      • A BIBLIOGRAPHY of 80 works, targeted and commented, which cites the old authors as well as the most recent. All that Julius Caesar tells about the druids is fully quoted and commented.

      This is a book is scholarly and practical, and will make you find your roots with passion and respect.

    • Fêtes & rituels du druidisme By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,30

      What exactly is Druidism ? According to the Robert encyclopedia, it is “… the religion of the Druids. A word of Gallic origin (1213-BC), Druid was the name given to the former Gallic or Celtic priests. Each year, with a golden sickle, the Druids picked from the oak trees the sacred mistletoe. They played a religious, educational and judicial role, and undoubtedly wielded a measure of political clout.” They also possessed complete Initiation in theology, cosmology and mathematics. This comprehensive book, thorough and very detailed, consists of eight sections: 1. Learn all about the Celts and their classic art religion, the Druidism: the History, the religious foundations, the priestly functions. 2. Rituals. 3. Three traditional prayers: the big druidic prayer, the prayer to Belen and the prayer to the Celts. 4. The family rites as they relate to birth, engagement, marriage, death, and the afterlife. 5. The spirit of the eight ceremonies of the calendar. 6. Eight rites of the calendar. 7. The rites of enthronement. 8. Ultimate questions on druidism. The author, Viviane Le Moullec, wrotes for years for a scientific journal. She is a practitioner of plant-alchemy for the past twenty years, and she shares her research with fellow devotees that create their own alchemical elixirs. She is also recognized as Belline specialist. This work on Druidism, the product of 30 years’ studies, is Mrs Le Moullec’s latest publication. She lives in the Finistere region of France.