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    Cristina Cuomo, Doctor Patrick Véret,



Courants vitaux et nutripuncture

Subject: . By: Cristina Cuomo, Doctor Patrick Véret,

Foreword by Edgar Morin

Did you know that our cells communicate permanently between them? In this book, the authors present a method to help cellular communication and self-regulation.
Over time, the stressful situations of live alter cellular self-regulation: our cells become unable to communicate in a consistent manner.
Many experiments have allowed people who use this method to highlight physical trauma, the death of a loved one, miscarriage, separation, rape, but also job loss, a move, family conflicts, etc., constituting for our cells stresses that weaken specific areas of the body.
Using 39 polymetallic complexes, it is possible to relaunch the information that modulates cell life, in order to defuse the impact of stress on natural self-regulation and thereby enhance psychosomatic vitality at all ages.
The authors present the numerous applications of a phenomenological method, based on observation and experimentation, which finds its bases in the innovative fields of science: epigenetics, theory of complex systems, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology (PNEI), quantum physics. Among the researchers inspired it are Georges Lakhovsky, Barbara McClintock, physicists F. Albert Popp and Emilio Del Giudice.


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ISBN: 9782716316705
Title: Courants vitaux et nutripuncture
Release date: 02/05/2010 - new edition
Page number: 200
Format: 16 x 24

About the author
Graduate from Human Nutrition, Physiology of Sport and Press and Medical Information, she is among the pioneers who followed the research of Patrick Véret and popularized his work. She studied the benefits of primitive movements for newborns, which prepare the emergence of walking. www.apprentissage-marche.com
Doctor in Medicine, he has spent more than 40 years researching cellular self-regulation and information. It has gradually brought to light the existence of a coherent language, enabling cells to exchange vital information in real time. Today he continues to teach his method to health and wellness practitioners in different countries.