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Troubles de la thyroïde – Symptômes, traitements, conseils



Essential to your body and often underestimated, the thyroid, the small endocrine gland located in the previous lower and part of the neck has a major function because of its influence on the regulation of the hormonal system, growth, metabolisms and the nervous system. Hypo or hyperthyroïdism, tumor, goitre have a major impact on our daily life: insomnia, sweating, palpitation, memory, mood, nervous breakdown, libido, skin and dry hair, gains or losses of weight, nervousness, stress etc. This information book explains the functioning of the thyroid gland, its main disorders and their causes, but also the main biological and medical check-ups to be made, the treatments and their limits.

ISBN : 9782716318204

Title :

Troubles de la thyroïde – Symptômes, traitements, conseils

Release title : 13/03/2010-10th edition

Page number : 208

Format : 15x22

About the author

Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem, former surgeon and anthropologist, crisscrossed the planet during more than forty years. Ethnologist and man of the earth,  he was a keen observer of the local populations, learning all the details of their medicine and their traditions. His experience with numerous epidemic diseases and essential oil treatments allows him to assert that Essential Oils have proven themselves : they are at the heart of this therapeutic strategy. He also has established a humanitarian association of ethnomedecine and healing plants "Medecins aux pieds nus" (Barefoot Doctors). Today, he manages the International Biological Association (ABI) and is member of  the "faculté libre de médecine naturelle de Paris (F.L.M.N.E.)".

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