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Comment éviter le burn-out

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World plague due to stress and exhaustion, burn-out can affect all generations. Tiredness, depression, loss of self-respect are the negative consequences that affect everyday life when it is too late. The most common temporary solution is to take antidepressants which lessen the symptoms, but do not affect the underlying causes. Facing more and more patients, victims of this plague, Doctor Kamami (victim him self from burn-out) proposes in his book a set of natural solutions bounded to his medical practice and his own experiment. Among them: · Prevent and manage stress; · React, resist to burn-out by recharging batteries; · Practice meditation of full consciousness as a protective shield. This book is not only medical. It is a practical book to understand the desease and avoid it. Numerous researches in neurosciences on peacefullness (mental and body) are in progress today and are approached here. They offer several possibilities to appropriate a state of mind: happiness.



ISBN: 9782716315296
Title: Comment éviter le burn-out
Release date:
Page number: 150
Format: 13x19,5