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Le guide anti-douleurs – soulager et prévenir



Pain is a signal for your body. This signal is to find a solution to soothe it. Whatever is your age, we are all concerned. The author proposes several exercises to releave your pain. No specific physical condition is required, the practice is suitable for everyone. If you are you experiencing pain in your lower back? Go to the chapter Lower back, pelvis and hips. If you have cervical pain? Go to the chapter Upper back, cervical and thorax etc.Exercises, diagrams and illustrations are there to guide you. You will also find breathing exercises to reduce your stress, stretching and strengthening exercises to improve your posture, or flexibility to prevent your pain or get rid of it permanently.  With this book you will understand the origin of your pain (muscles, bones, organs, ligaments, tendons). And if a word is unknown to you, the glossary will help you to understand it better. 

ISBN : 9782716318129

Title :

Le guide anti-douleurs – soulager et prévenir

Release title : 20/04/2023

Page number : 352

Format : 17 x 22

About the author

Osteopath since 20 years, Aymeric Garreau gave weekly classes for 10 years to help anyone to regain mobility and strength, stretch properly and breathe better. He lives and works in Arpajon (91).

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