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Aux sources du Yoga



In recent years, Yoga has won a large audience in Europe, but it remains not well known.
We know that it should not be reduced to a europhic gymnastic, we know as well that it has nothing to do with pseudo-oriental sects which have proliferated in the sixties. It remains to be determined where exactly does this original discipline, born in India forty centuries ago, set. To achieve this, this book invites us to a return to the « roots of Yoga ». By reading it, we will discover Yoga as a philosophy (or better : a «view of the world») and a spiritual method which leads to Windsom, and which takes into account the human person in his entirety : « body and soul ». Maybe the success of Yoga in the West is explained by the fact that it allows its followers to control at the same time their muscles, their breath, their psyche etc. ; and to do it in the meaning of an openness towards higher spirituality.

What is more current in this beginning of the 21st century ?

1st edition : 1973
2nd edition : 1989

Jean Varenne is the author.

ISBN : 9782716316775

Title :

Aux sources du Yoga

Release title : 17/01/2019

Page number : 204

Format : 15 x 22

About the author

Jean Varenne, Professor Emeritus at the University of Lyon, France, was a specialist in the History of Religions and civilisations of India. Author of many books on Indian traditional thought and on pre-Islamic Iran, he has also provided numerous traductions of Sanskrit text (Le Véda, Upanishads du Yoga, La Célébration de la Grande Déesse, etc.). He lived during several years in India and took part in the work of the French Federation of Yoga, as well in the work of the European Union of Yoga. He led the French Revue of Yoga during ten years.

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