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    • Proverbes, dictons comparaisons stéréotypées de Macédoine – sagesse populaire de Macédoine 26,35

      Three groups : proverbs, sayings and stereotypical comparisons coming from the same source : the popular wisdom conveyed orally. It is in this spirit that they were gathered here in order to be known by French speakers and promoted the literature of a small country: the Macedonia. At the end of the Second World War ( 1941-1945 ), Macedonia is recognized as one of the six republics of former Yugoslavia. After the split, Macedonia proclaims its independence. As Slovenia, Macedonia counts today more than two million inhabitants and so much outside the borders with the Macedonian minorities in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Diasporae in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France … The title of this work ” Proverbs of Macedonia ” was chosen to present the proverbs which exist, circulate and are used by its inhabitants. They are expressed in the macedonian mother tongue. Besides the native proverbs, it seemed interesting to the author to quote sometimes some comparison with others Balkan proverbs (Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian), more widely European, but also Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and other. This work required several working years. Jordanka Foulon-Hristova, was responsible for teaching Macedonian at the INALCO (ORIENTAL LANGUAGES INSTITUTE) in Paris.

    • Dictionnaire Arabe/Français, volume 1 26,35

      This Arabic-French reference book goes beyond the scope of the French-Arabic/Arabic-French dictionary, “Useful Everyday Words”. It is a vast collection of very useful day-to-day words that will enable the businessman and the tourist to be understood in any situation in the Arab world. Every Arabic term is followed by its phonetic transcription. Whatever your knowledge level, this dictionary gives you all the Arabic terminology as it relates to the contemporary world of politics, economics, business or world affairs. This Arabic-French dictionary follows the pure Arabic alphabetical order which makes word-searching easier without requiring any knowledge of grammar or syntax.The strengths of this book are ease-of-use, simplicity and efficiency.