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Ne me parlez plus de régimes !

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To lose weight and stay slim for a long-term period is a choice for many people today. Diet programs try to persuade that they are the best and fit anybody. Unfortunately, it is not true because we have our own way of eating and living. Right now, there is no miracle recipes to slim. If ristricting one’s self is effective for a short-term period, it is particularly dangerous for health in a long-term period. That’s why, we should : · Accept and decide to lose weight gradually, · eat food that have a functional role and not only a special number of calories · be careful to body dysfunctions . become an actor of our food supply, practice a physical activity that guarantees a decrease of our metabolism. This book is a full of common sense. For the author, “diet” means frustration and nutritional imbalance : it has a yoyo effect on the body. Stéphane Delage, is 4. He is a dietitian since 2007. Operated for a renal cancer in 1996, he was obliged to a food supply contening reduced proteins.



ISBN: 9782716314688
Title: Ne me parlez plus de régimes !
Release date: 23/02/2012
Page number: 128
Format: 15 x 22