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    Bruno Donatini



Les virus, à l’origine de nos principales maladies

Subject: . By: Bruno Donatini

Everyone talks about viruses as a common phenomenon. However, they would be responsible, without our knowledge, for many infections and diseases. 

For the first time, this book synthesizes many recent publications on the subject. The author explains what a virus is, how it acts, its consequences on our health. 

What are the factors that favor their emergence and development? What are the different preventions and natural methods to counteract them? 

This is how we become aware that a simple fever blister shows a lasting and severe decline in our immunity, a risk for our digestive or bladder motor, or a risk of Parkinson’s disease or dementia. That our mouth is a reflection of our flora, the quality of our immunity and the efficiency of our autonomic nervous system, and that it also determines, as the author indicates, our fertility or our aging. 

This information book emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene and excellent antiviral immunity. Knowing and understanding viruses is also about preventing and protecting yourself from bad health. 

“Les champignons comestibles, aliments d’avenir” is the first book of the author published by the same publisher.



ISBN: 9782716317290
Title: Les virus, à l’origine de nos principales maladies
Release date: 26/10/2017-3rd edition
Page number: 264
Format: 16 x 22

About the author
Passionate by mycelia, Dr. Donatini is a gastroenterologist.