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Astrologie sacrée selon l’enseignement du Maître tibétain D.K


Par: Kléa

This teaching, by the master Djwahl Khul named also the “Tibetan”, belongs to the fifth spiritual reign of hierarchy of masters, guards and defenders of the humanity whose Christ is the supreme leader. In the XIXth century, with the agreement of this Hierarchy, a part of these lost knowledge was transmitted by Helena Petrovna Blavastky in its theosophical teaching. In the XXth century, under the telepathic dictation of Teacher Djwahl Khul, Alice Bailey transmitted also an even more gigantic work: beyond religions, she incites to open consciousness, and encourages each to turn upright to become a channel and a knight defender of cosmic light. This teaching can also be useful to all of those who worry about their own evolution and about the planet. It gives to human being all its cosmic and spiritual scale, inciting him to a work of increasing purification, until a total transparency and highest energy. In this work, based on transmissions by the Tibetan, Kléa incorporated its own works, boards, graphs and example of interpretation. Kléa is the author of numerous works on numerology, tarot and astrology.

ISBN : 9782716315258

Title :

Astrologie sacrée selon l’enseignement du Maître tibétain D.K

Release title : 12/06/2014

Page number : 720

Format : 15 x 22

About the author

Kléa wrote a number of specific books on numeroly, tarot cards and astrology. This book describes a very precise analysis of symbols related to numbers and lettres.

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