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    • Fatigué ? Fibromyalgie ou syndrome de fatigue chronique By: Doctor Luc Bodin 16,00

      This book provides extensive information on a disease known as Fibromyalgia and covers its symptoms and its treatment. In Europe alone there are today in excess of 12 million people afflicted with Fibromyalgia. The disease strikes women primarily (90% of cases), but it does not spare children. In the US, between 5 and 10% of the paediatric hospitalization are for fibromyalgia, especially for girls 13 to 15 years old. Fibromyalgia is now officially recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the international Assosciation of Psychiatry. Fibromyalgia is identified typically by chronic pain in specific parts of the body, usually accompanied by extreme fatigue. Because it shares symptoms with other diseases including Spasmophylia, Myasthenia, Depression, Post-traumatic Stress as well as Rhumatisms, it is easily missed. Fibromyalgia has been traced to few specific causes, but researchers are following numerous leads: vaccines, especially against Tetanus, chronic gastro-intestinal disorders that open the door to toxins, a deficiency of certain vitamin, minerals, heavy-metals, electro-magnetic radiation, to name the main ones. This book provides details on all known treatments and therapies, and describes the level of research currently being conducted, in France and elsewhere, to find solutions to this debilitating disease.

    • Anorexie – Boulimie 19,00

      If you are facing anorexia or bulimia or any other food trouble daily you may wonder how to react. This book will help you finding the way of behaving, speaking to people having these troubles

    • Troubles de la Thyroïde – Symptômes, traitements, conseils By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 18,00

      Essential to your body and often underestimated, the thyroid, the small endocrine gland located in the previous lower and part of the neck has a major function because of its influence on the regulation of the hormonal system, growth, metabolisms and the nervous system. Hypo or hyperthyroïdism, tumor, goitre have a major impact on our daily life: insomnia, sweating, palpitation, memory, mood, nervous breakdown, libido, skin and dry hair, gains or losses of weight, nervousness, stress etc. This information book explains the functioning of the thyroid gland, its main disorders and their causes, but also the main biological and medical check-ups to be made, the treatments and their limits.

    • Le côlon, notre 2e cerveau By: Doctor Georges Pourtalet 19,00

      Colon is not what you think. It has way more use than we think. It may be like a second brain, but we still don’t know every role colon has to play in our body functions

    • La maladie de Willis-Ekborn ou des jambes sans repos – ce qu’il faut savoir 14,00

      Disease of Willis-Ekbom is a neurological disease. It is characterized by an uncontrollable need to move legs any time even at night. This pathology would affect 3 % of the french people This book answers to questions such as : – When and how arise the symptoms? At what age? – Who to consult? – What are the causes? The consequences? – How to appreciate the level of severity ? · What are the existing treatments, what can we expect from medical reseach, natural therapies and psychological assistance ? Formal engineer on long-haul flight, the author Jean-Pierre Beaufey, today retired, began to feel the first symptoms when he stops working. Suffering a lot, he understood quicky that doctors and neurologists were without solutions.Today, the french Association AFE, is essential for supporting and help ill persons. Several testimonies are described in this book.

    • 120 réponses d’un médecin de terrain aux pathologies d’aujourd’hui 20,00

      This book does not replace a medical examination. However, it avoid patients to have an overconsumption of chemical pills by returning to a common sense medecine. This practical guide is for all people who try to understand their problems to look after themselves and remain healthy. The author describes 120 pathologies frequently met in his office, from chronic inflammatory to emergency disords without forgetting prevention and its available treatments. All basic advices are described here to maintain a good health and to feed well. Doctor of Medicine, Gérard Leborgne has fifty years experience. He is also specialized into natural medicines.

    • La maladie de Crohn 10,15

      Crohn’s disease origin is still unknown. This autoimmune inflammation affects various parts of the intestine, (especially the ileum) and concerns a significant number of persons in the world. This book rich of information and practical experiences, helps all readers affected closely or not by this disease to review all possible treatments. Doctor Robert Pierrugues practises gastroenterology since thirty years. He is now specialized on Crohn’s disease in a private hospital close to the Montpellier area (France).