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    • Végano-sceptique – regard d’un éléveur sur l’utopie végane 13,80

      Everywhere, the vegan phenomenon spread. According to the author, a farmer, harmony is possible between animals and men…Only if consumers stay true with what they are pointing at.

    • La santé sacrifiée au culte de la croissance et du profit 24,00

      Mankind used to be constituted by hunter gatherer peopl, acting with was nature gave them. During the ages these people left there traditions behind while entering the industrial era and its conquest of markets. Consequently, living beings are exposed to dangerous substances in food, air, products of consumption.

    • 12 clés pour comprendre le monde asiatique 23,00

      Asia and more particularly China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, is a major business continent for many professionals. At the time of globalization, the author delivers in this book his experiments and his sense of humor face to unknown rules to be known by european, to avoid conflicts in human relations and make a success of business project. The major and essential intercultural dimensions make of this book filled with practical cases, a major and key book for all of those who travel regularly, live or work in Asia.

    • La planète blanche, un nouveau monde de centenaires 18,25

      In 2050, two persons on three will be more than 60 years old. This fact constitutes a real revolution with widely underestimated consequences. New medical projects will help people to prevent breast and prostate cancers and to supervise the elderly – taking into account psychosomatic factors such as stress, depression, maintenance of the memory, improvement of the palliative care, without forgetting future treatments such as stem cells and cellular biology. Professor of Cancerology and Hematology, Claude Jasmin is president of the board of oncogeriatry at the National Institute of cancer, co-founder and vice-president of the association NRB ( New biomedical researches) to overcome cancer, which supports reseach works at Paul Brousse hospital (Villejuif-France) for the development and application of new anticancer treatments.

    • Crimes sous tranquillisants 16,00

      What is an antidepressant ? What is the difference between it and a tranquillizer ? Why France is one of the countries that consumes them the most ? Does one really know the uses and the dangers of this class of medecines ? What to do if you or a member of your family become a victim of the negative side effects of these ? Which are the legal measures to collect damages against drugs ? What is a `Class Action’, what does it do ? Georges Alexandre Imbert is Président of the association ‘AAVAM’ that helps victims of negative effects of drugs.