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  • Le druidisme au quotidien By: Viviane Le Moullec 25,00

    Découvrez-en de nombreux aspects :
    • LA MAISON. Apprenez à repérer un lieu favorable, installer votre habitation au bon endroit, vous inspirer de l’antique science des menhirs pour mieux organiser votre maison ou même le plus minuscule des studios.
    • LES PLANTES. Même si vous n’avez pas de jardin, vous aurez des pots pour accueillir le Trèfle qui console des chagrins, le Gui et le Houx qui fêtent l’amour, une corbeille pour accueillir les Pommes des druidesses et un vase pour le couple guérisseur Rose et Lis…
    • LES POTIONS MAGIQUES. Avec ce que tout le monde a dans sa cuisine, apprivoisez nos amies les plantes et préparez de véritables élixirs alchimiques végétaux.
    • LES LÉGENDES DU MONDE CELTE. Découvrez-en le sens véritable qui instruit des chemins à suivre pour mettre de la beauté et de l’amour dans votre vie quotidienne.
    • LA SPIRITUALITÉ. Il y a 4000 ans, un bouleversement climatique inoui nous a fait entrer en “Cytraul”, l’enfer froid du désespoir. Nous avons une chance de nous en sortir en réhabilitant les Êtres Divins que sont l’Homme et la Femme.

    A la fin de cet ouvrage, vous trouverez :
    • UN DICTIONNAIRE de 250 définitions, termes et expressions druidiques
    et celtiques, schémas et exemples applicables au quotidien.
    • UNE BIBLIOGRAPHIE de 80 ouvrages, ciblée et commentée, qui cite aussi bien les auteurs anciens que les plus récents. Tout ce que raconte Jules César concernant les druides est intégralement cité et commenté.
    Voilà donc un ouvrage à la fois savant et pratique, qui vous fera retrouver vos racines avec passion et respect.

    Druidesse depuis 1981, pratiquant le Druidisme depuis 1971 et l’étudiant depuis bien plus de temps, Viviane Le Moullec transmet fidèlement son héritage du passé. Sa longue expérience du journalisme dans le domaine des industries de pointe lui a donné l’esprit de clarté et de simplicité nécessaires pour rendre utilisables au quotidien les trésors précieux de ce qui fut notre tradition pendant des millénaires.

  • Aux sources du Yoga By: Jean Varenne 19,00

    In recent years, Yoga has won a large audience in Europe, but it remains not well known.
    We know that it should not be reduced to a europhic gymnastic, we know as well that it has nothing to do with pseudo-oriental sects which have proliferated in the sixties. It remains to be determined where exactly does this original discipline, born in India forty centuries ago, set. To achieve this, this book invites us to a return to the « roots of Yoga ». By reading it, we will discover Yoga as a philosophy (or better : a «view of the world») and a spiritual method which leads to Windsom, and which takes into account the human person in his entirety : « body and soul ». Maybe the success of Yoga in the West is explained by the fact that it allows its followers to control at the same time their muscles, their breath, their psyche etc. ; and to do it in the meaning of an openness towards higher spirituality.

    What is more current in this beginning of the 21st century ?

    1st edition : 1973
    2nd edition : 1989

    Jean Varenne is the author.

  • Les grands maîtres spirituels du Kriya Yoga By: Paramahamsa Hariharananda 15,00

    Kriya Yoga is a powerful meditation system based on breath science which intensify the religious and spiritual activity. This book renew the interest of many spiritual researchers concerning meditation, giving them the inspiration of developping their knowledge.

  • Pourquoi je suis chétienne ? 16,00

    Being a christian for the author is being able to feel the divine energy in all beings and in the universe. The reader will find a way to his own researches through the author’s story.

  • L’apocalypse de St Jean 24,00

    This book is the initiatory testament from Saint John, beloved and well educated follower of Jesus. Magnificent but discreet evocation of seven keys that are numerology, astrology, tarot, tree of Sephiroth, Hebraic letters, alchemy and any deep tranformation, it indicates that purification is the only way of possible ascent. Thus, Apocalypse becomes not a prediction of destruction or end of the world, as it is often described, but a way of opening and evolution that each person can assimilate according to his own sensibility. The author attemps to decode almost every sentence of the text : mysterious alchemical operations and paths of the tree of life find their place there. She considers that it is more than necessary to return to what Saint John gave us : an illumination of life and soul, a message of understanding and love, a better knowledge of the universe and the individual who becomes integrated into it. Kléa is the author of numerous works on numerology, tarot and astrology.

  • Fêtes & rituels du druidisme By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,30

    What exactly is Druidism ? According to the Robert encyclopedia, it is “… the religion of the Druids. A word of Gallic origin (1213-BC), Druid was the name given to the former Gallic or Celtic priests. Each year, with a golden sickle, the Druids picked from the oak trees the sacred mistletoe. They played a religious, educational and judicial role, and undoubtedly wielded a measure of political clout.” They also possessed complete Initiation in theology, cosmology and mathematics. This comprehensive book, thorough and very detailed, consists of eight sections: 1. Learn all about the Celts and their classic art religion, the Druidism: the History, the religious foundations, the priestly functions. 2. Rituals. 3. Three traditional prayers: the big druidic prayer, the prayer to Belen and the prayer to the Celts. 4. The family rites as they relate to birth, engagement, marriage, death, and the afterlife. 5. The spirit of the eight ceremonies of the calendar. 6. Eight rites of the calendar. 7. The rites of enthronement. 8. Ultimate questions on druidism. The author, Viviane Le Moullec, wrotes for years for a scientific journal. She is a practitioner of plant-alchemy for the past twenty years, and she shares her research with fellow devotees that create their own alchemical elixirs. She is also recognized as Belline specialist. This work on Druidism, the product of 30 years’ studies, is Mrs Le Moullec’s latest publication. She lives in the Finistere region of France.

  • Les Echos de lumière 14,00

    Why, one might ask, “Echoes of Light”? It was, in fact, Simone Weiss, always acutely in tune with the meaning of words and their vibrations – and who passed away not long ago at the ripe old age of 100 – who suggested this title. Ms Weiss had accomplished extensive work on translating spiritual texts with her husband Jacques Weiss, graduate of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, and translator of ‘La Vie Des Maitres’ under the pseudonym Louis Colombelle.. Often referenced by astrophysicists, echoes of light here are the very link between spirituality and science. This book transcribed by free-intuitive, stream of consciousness writing, depicts a world in total upheaval. We – all of us – are faced with our limitations, our frustrations, our fears of an overwhelming materialism. Meanwhile we are witness to the emergence of a new – and powerful – renewed consciousness. In the words of the ” Dialogues with the Angel “, these writings are revealed to us, page after page, not unlike an illuminated echo of the patch of each of us, a spiritual guide where each word fits for those that truly ‘hear’. A career Product Manager in pharmaceutical laboratory, Brigitte Quéro has been receiving spontaneous** messages since 1985.