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Détendre son corps en profondeur avec le Yin Yoga



Yin Yoga is a gentle practice known for its therapeutic effects. To maintain the body and its mobility, the chosen posture, without seeking a dynamic sequence, is held for several minutes to promote relaxation and relieve pains such as back pain, sciatica, rheumatism… But also to free the body from its spiritual blockages. Each exercise promotes slowdown, energy and mental concentration. The author, a federal graduate of yoga therapy, offers 37 positions explained step by step and easy to perform at home, as well as typical sessions. It complements its exercises with creative visualization to be implemented during your sessions to multiply the benefits. The book is completed with a therapeutic index allowing everyone to find the posture that suits him.

ISBN : 9782716317986

Title :

Détendre son corps en profondeur avec le Yin Yoga

Release title : 1/9/2022

Page number : 200

Format : 17 x 22

About the author

Miranda Mattig Kumar has been teaching yoga and Pilates for 20 years. Founder and Director of Swiss Pilates 

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