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Éloge du Saucisson

Subject: . By: Inès Peyret

Practically unchanged since the Bronze Age period, sausage crossed time and space. From Homere to space ship to Mir station, this product is of all travel. As an example, Thierry Dubois, for Vendée Globe 2000, carried with him dry sausage provisions. Our french seaman, sponsored by Les Roches Blanches, celebrated its sporting achievement by sharing with Neptune one of its sausages ! The story of this so humble and familiar product is old from almost 4,000 years. Undoubtedly much older than writing, we will wait till 1 750 A.D. to have its first description. Dedicated to history and techniques of manufacturing, this book describes each specificity of french, italian, spanish and portuguese sausages. Moreover, authors deliver their own recipes without forgetting with which bread and wine to taste each type of sausage. Stéphane Malandain manages this family business (Les Roches Blanches) created by his grandfather, He proposes local products at a top range level. His sausages are manufactured with respect of artisanal traditions, conforming to lawful and normative requirements. Inès Peyret is journalist.


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ISBN: 9782716315326
Title: Éloge du Saucisson
Release date:
Page number: 180
Format: 19 x 23,5

About the author
Inès Peyret is a journalist and a would be MacGyverette. Like her hero, one day, she decided to become the queen of resourcefulness. Not to fix a broken down nuclear plant with a coat hanger, a yogurt pot and a used chewing gum, oh no! What she really wanted was to be the improvised genius of everyday life to solve uncool, annoying and frustrating ordinary problems. So now, years later, with zero stress and using everything at hand, she deals with the most critical mini crises with efficolonomical – efficient, ecological, economical – solutions while remaining elegant. She collects tips from around the world and gets her loved ones to test them before putting them in her books, Les Dictionnaires à tout faire. If you dream of making the perfect ecological sink unblocker as easily as an exfoliator for a soft and silky skin, of getting rid of stubborn stains or exterminating an army of white flies with the cold determination of a mercenary without polluting the planet or losing your cool while stimulating your creativity, follow Inès. Inès Peyret is journalist. She is the author of THE collection " à tout faire".