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Des poupées signées Limoges



Limoges, city and capital of Limousin (east center area of France) is going to develop slowly a luxury small business which will be crowned in the XVIIIth century by the discovery of kaolin and the development of porcelain art. The Count d’ Artois, future King Charles X will make of Limoges the main porcelain center without forgetting Sèvres. After 1789, numerous companies specialized into art of table will be created. At the Great War period, French manufacturers of toys and dolls will be asked to produce “heads” for dolls in Limoges to replace those imported by Germany ( the enemy to fight). This branch of porcelain industry will be of short-lived because it will begin at the beginning of the conflict to disappear in the middle of the twenties. However, a small production of heads will continue beyond the interwar period. Native of Limousin, founds of dolls since more than 40 years, Elisabeth Deconchat collects old dolls and especially those named ” heads Limoges “. She also restores them entirely (head, body and including clothes). Elisabeth Chauveau, MD in History brings here her participation to contribute to enlight readers over an underestimated period going from 1914 till 1930. This illustrated book (200 photos and archives documents) offers a new knowledge of this quite unknown limougeaude manufacturing. This inedite work shows us today rare historical documents and dolls preserved by families of porcelain makers.

ISBN : 9782716315081

Title :

Des poupées signées Limoges

Release title : 28/11/2013

Page number : 180

Format : 23 x 23

About the author

Born in Paris in 1946, Elisabeth Chauveau, hold a Master's degree of History and a Bachelor of Art History. Completely fond of dolls since her childhood, she is the author of numerous articles and reference books on the subject. She was several times President of the center of studies and researches on dolls (CERP).

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