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    • Yoga et Pilates en famille 14,90

      Coming soon

    • PREVENIR ET GUERIR PAR LE YOGA By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 25,90

      Do you know that a regular practice of yoga can successfully treats asthme, gastrites, arterial hypertension, colitis, anxiety and many others diseases? With more than 100 pictures, this guide details exercices to prevent, and cure more than 40 frequent organic or mechanic disorders of everyday life. Unique, this work is issued from more than 25 years of experience and practice of yoga with the governmental center of research and yogic treatments of Japur (Rajasthan).

    • Bicarbonate à tout faire By: Inès Peyret 18,00

      Today is a period of saving. Instead of having several products for many usages, why not to try just one, the King bicarbonate. It is THE product of our grandmothers, it is THE triple product of modern times : hypereffective, economical and ecological. As an example, It is THE star of whitening of teeth, easy digestion, relief of stings, elimination of spots and stains, all bad smelling, suppression of weed and diseases of the garden, and THE marvel of tones of culinary recipes. It is so multi-purpose that we are all upset ! Discover its 1001 usages and become crazy about him.

    • Citrons à tout faire By: Inès Peyret 18,00

      coming soon

    • Tout savoir sur les virus et y faire face By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 14,00

      Virus : Coronavirus, flu, Ebola, SRAS and others viral pathologies.
      Understand what they are, how they behave with environment and humans.

    • Entretiens avec mon ange By: Brigitte Quero 20,00

      Coming soon

    • Sur le chemin du Bouddha 25,00

      Coming soon

    • Devenez votre propre naturopathe By: Sylvie Bertin 19,00

      4th of cover translating soon !

    • Le livre SANTÉ des bols chinois ZHOU DAO – 188 recettes santé By: Bruno Soustre Wen Xiaowen 24,90

      Considered in Chinese antiquity as therapeutic preparations reserved for the members of the imperial family for longevity, they then evolved over the centuries to be distributed throughout China, becoming a sort of popular panacea.

      Born from the marriage between dietetics and traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia, the “Zhou” of today have evolved to more gastronomic than therapeutic forms. Still served in China nowadays in “specialized” restaurants, they retain all their attractiveness in terms of prevention.

      Unprecedent, this book rich in history and advice rehabilitates 188 original and delicious recipes to prevent and maintain good health. All based on cereals and legumes, they rebalance energetically the liver, the heart, spleen, stomach, lung and kidney, for more vitality, for weight regulation, and for any other need. As examples, there is the recipe for the Six Spirit Bowl, which is indicated for toning the Spleen and Stomach of people whose digestive system is weakened. But also, the recipe of carrot bowl and lamb meat for people with a deficiency of Kidney Yang or a deficiency of Qi and blood, with signs such as asthenia, fear of cold, weakness lumbar area and knees, abdominal pain.

      To find your way, you will find at the end of the book a therapeutic index, an alphabetical classification of 60 Chinese plants, 90 common ingredients with their properties and therapeutic indications, as well as practical addresses to get them…

    • Le pouvoir des guérisseurs By: Martine Dick 22,00

      Coming soon

    • SPIRULINE – algue bleue de santé et de prévention By: Doctor Jean-Louis Vidalo 22,00

      Spirulina is a kind of magic algae, it gives many nutrients and help to cure and prevent diseases. It is the most versatile source of nutrients since it may be transposable to many aspects and forms. But it is the most unknown algae of all aswell.

      At the origins of life on Earth, of that of the plant and animal kingdoms alike, spirulina is considered to be a type of algae: a BLUE MICROALGAE. It is only in recent times that it has begun to be consumed in different forms, recommended through word of mouth by those experiencing its benefi ts. Even if the microalgae is THE MOST rich in history, THE MOST universal source of nutrients, THE MOST complete in its composition, THE MOST controversial, THE MOST promising for multiple applications, it is also THE MOST unknown. Expanded with additional information, this new publication continues to address a very large audience. It complements several publications that have appeared on the subject, essentially technical works originating from exceptional pioneers, but aimed at future algae growers. What is spirulina composed of ? What makes it the most complete nutrient ? On all continents, spirulina is largely used in the fi ght against malnutrition in children. It is also consumed by athletes, including those who practise at a high level, as well as for reasons of anti-ageing, obesity, eating disorders, in cases of fatigue, stress, memory loss and insomnia. Why does the use of spirulina and its derivatives divide the scientifi c community, while the reports relating to its usefulness in health areas are multiplying ? In areas as sensitive and varied as those of cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, those of the brain (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), diabetes and rheumatism, autoimmune diseases, digestive illnesses, allergies, problems with sight, skin disorders… and also little-known illnesses such Willis- Ekbom (or restless legs syndrome).