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  • Entretiens avec mon ange By: Brigitte Quero 20,00

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  • Le pouvoir des guérisseurs By: Martine Dick 22,00

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  • Secrets d’une magnétiseuse By: Martine Dick 18,00

    If science could explain everything and medicine treating everything, magnetism will lose its millenial being. This book is a testimony of this work, given by a magnetiser.

  • Oracle Belline – Guider votre quotidien – 2 756 conseils By: Viviane Le Moullec 25,00

    The Oracle Belline has 53 cards (52 + 1 blue). It was unused for a century and was made public by Belline 50 years ago. The rich symbolism of its 53 cards, their simplicity of use, make it a practical tool in everyday life and a subtle advisor for ALL. 

    For beginners, as for experienced people, the 2756 possible cups or combinations of 2 cards are identified as daily tips. They give you elements of answers, allowing you to make more informed choices and more satisfactory decisions WHATEVER the PROBLEM of the moment WHICH CONCERNS YOU (a move, a union, a job, a concern for health, etc.) or which worries the person who consults you. Each cup is given with a useful tip to get you out of the situation or to highlight a good prediction.  

  • Oracle Belline – Manuel pratique de base By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,00

    The Belline Oracle gets its name from a famous clairvoyant who practiced in Europe during the 50s. This first book, a basic handbook and guide to divination for use in fortune-telling, presents to us in great the 53 Belline Oracle playing cards. It was conceived for those new to Oracle as well as for those seeking to expand their knowledge. Viviane has been practicing the Oracle since 1975, and in 1986 she published the very first work on this subject. This latest edition is comprehensive and totally revised. For forty years, Viviane worked as a technical journalist. Recognized as one of the best specialists of Belline, she currently has in print four volumes completely revised and expanded.

  • La radiesthésie au service de votre santé – méthodes & diagnostics – NE 19,00

    This book highlights differents work methods, precautions of use and explains the impact of radiance on our health, why dowsing and medecine are connected but also the influence of geobioogy on our system.

  • Origines et pratiques des anciens tradithérapeutes 23,00

    Work for every person who wants to know and to understand the History of ancient therapists and their reason for being today. Whom are they, how do they practice today? How their knowledge is transmitted since several generations? What exacly is a ancient therapist ? This book describes their tools and their usage, instruments of the times, the therapist’s function as it relates to past and present. How to become a hands-on healer, a spelll breaker or a bonesetter ? What is the process ? How these therapies have been passed on through the ages? Martine Dick is a dowser since thirty years. She practices in Alsace, East part of France. She follows one’s calling since two generations.

  • ORACLE Belline – Faire les bons choix By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,00

    Third in the ORACLE BELLINE series, this simple and practical guide allows you to draw the cards (face down) in 3 different ways to answer your questions:
    1rst card game, 4-card cross print: “I have a project”, “I want to buy an apartment”, “I want to put myself in a relationship”, “I want to change my job” so choose the draw game in cross with his 4 cards (1. My wish, 2. The brake, 3. The advice, 4.The possible result)
    2nd game, draw 2 cards: “I have a problem”, “I can not find an apartment”, choose 2 cards for 2 tips (the card “Stop”, the card “Help”),
    3rd game, draw 1 card: “my situation is still blocked”.
    Reveal THE map that explains why? And free your mind from the weight of your doubts.

  • Extraterrestres – 60 témoignages By: Professor Antonio Chiumiento 18,00

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  • Observations et présences lumineuses By: Professor Antonio Chiumiento 14,00

    Foreign rights not available.

  • Le tarot de Marseille – son langage secret By: Viviane Le Moullec 25,00

    Tarot fascinates people. But as any art, we have to learn its language. The aim of this book is to help you decrypt this secret language and to help you getting closer to divinities.

  • L’énergie de l’invisible 16,00

    Sandrine Muller-Bohard discovered her gift by surprise. And this is what this book is about, the invisible. Her gift help her perceive the aura of people, and their vital energy.

  • Echos de lumière 16,00

    Echoes of light are often alluded by astrophysicians and represent here a link between spirituality and science. Wa see the emerging power of a new conscience facing intensified materialism. Man is not the only one tormented. He’s accompanied by Lightforces which stimulated thirst and seeking of truth to help people knowing Who they really are inside of them.

  • 144 facettes du zodiaque – T2 – L’Histoire du peuple hébreu et de Jésus 26,00

    Zodiac, the authentic cosmic clock, is probably the emerald in 144 facets bequeathed to the humanity by it expanding Guide of light… Archaic Sound division in 12 x 12 got lost over time, before being found today: each governed by a planet, its landings of 2°30 ‘ allow to plan tendencies and opportunities of all which possesses a story. Such as these of the Hebrew people: of Abraham to last kings of Israel, all climbed this zodiacal way. Or such as the public life of Jesus Christ. He can seem audacious to demonstrate that it also joins on this zodiacal progress, but it begins with a sermon on a mountain and ends in an other one, that of the Golgotha: two heights governed by the Capricorn. As examples, Hiltler and Mother Teresa’astrological charts.

  • Astrologie sacrée selon l’enseignement du Maître tibétain D.K 28,00

    This teaching, by the master Djwahl Khul named also the “Tibetan”, belongs to the fifth spiritual reign of hierarchy of masters, guards and defenders of the humanity whose Christ is the supreme leader. In the XIXth century, with the agreement of this Hierarchy, a part of these lost knowledge was transmitted by Helena Petrovna Blavastky in its theosophical teaching. In the XXth century, under the telepathic dictation of Teacher Djwahl Khul, Alice Bailey transmitted also an even more gigantic work: beyond religions, she incites to open consciousness, and encourages each to turn upright to become a channel and a knight defender of cosmic light. This teaching can also be useful to all of those who worry about their own evolution and about the planet. It gives to human being all its cosmic and spiritual scale, inciting him to a work of increasing purification, until a total transparency and highest energy. In this work, based on transmissions by the Tibetan, Kléa incorporated its own works, boards, graphs and example of interpretation. Kléa is the author of numerous works on numerology, tarot and astrology.

  • Oracle Belline : Tirages et conseils pour les 12 champs d’expérience de votre vie By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,30

    Take your game of 53 cards, display 12 cards among them to find indications about your life (12 fields of experience). Each card having 12 explanations for :

    I: your overall situation, your purpose in life • II • III your financial situation: your friends • IV: home, family • V: children, love, creativity • VI: your job, your health • VII: your marriage, your associations • VIII: loss, death, inheritance • IX • X your future, your social status • XI • XII aid: the problems to solve. (…). 12 advices per card are available to establish a “map” of your personal life. Review every time you need it by displaying 12 cards as 12 advices (one by sector) and you will have all the indications during important events or decisions to take.

  • La double astrologie By: Suzanne White 25,35

    Foreign rights not available.

    Original title : ” the new astrology “

  • LES LETTRES NOMBRES, de la Numérologie sacrée au thème individuel 28,00

    (t)Although we are not conscious of it, Letters – tangible demonstration of the Verb – and the Numbers – his realization – are constantly around in our human daily life, like in the whole Universe. As fundamental as they are practical, and as wide-ranging as they are useful, they are the weft of our life and leave us the care of exaggerating there ourselves.The author makes clear the link between the traditional spirituality of Letters and Numbers with real-life experience, by taking as a practical example the development of the life of Jacques Brel.