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  • Everything you never learnt about english By: John Paul Batisse 24,90

    This textbook for self-tuition is meant for anyone whose command of both spoken English and grammar is already extensive and wishes to improve their pronunciation, as well as their oral and written expression, as an alternative to a protracted stay in an English-speaking environment.

    It is the first book published in France to deal specifically with the advanced level, and especially caters for TOEIC and TOEFL candidates, translators, teachers and students, as well as anyone working with English on a daily basis in their professional lives.

    It sets out simple rules which make it possible to pronounce, but also to write any English word the proper way. The vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and words from everyday English and even slang are related to the working world, business, law, politics as well as sports.

    The 200-odd exercises presented in this user-friendly textbook come with corrections and explanations.

  • Le livre santé des épices – 27 épices – 200 recettes de santé 23,90

    This unique book integrate 27 spices in 200 quick and easy recipes. The author digs it and offers us a cooking book but also a book about health: every spice is introduced around its story, traditions, benefits and different use.


    Mushrooms word is as well magic as underexploited. Considered as pillars of ecological diversity for their powerful desinfecting and fertilizing powers, some edible mushrooms possess astonishing virtues and are known as powerful immune boosters. Others categories of mushrooms handle arterial high blood pressure, excess of cholesterol and diabetes. And have also weight-loss, stimulating and antibiotics properties. Arguments also emerge against allergy, insanity and also retinal degeneration. All qualities beeing not quite revealed yet…. Mushroom is a key for human health because it contains several biological active substances easily absorbed by our bowel. Unfortunately, rare, underestimated, suspected, hardly cultivated, expensive, it disappears from our tables. Chemists know their medicinal virtues and wish to classify them in their pharmacopoeia.

  • La radiesthésie au service de votre santé – méthodes & diagnostics – NE 19,00

    This book highlights differents work methods, precautions of use and explains the impact of radiance on our health, why dowsing and medecine are connected but also the influence of geobioogy on our system.

  • Origines et pratiques des anciens tradithérapeutes 23,00

    Work for every person who wants to know and to understand the History of ancient therapists and their reason for being today. Whom are they, how do they practice today? How their knowledge is transmitted since several generations? What exacly is a ancient therapist ? This book describes their tools and their usage, instruments of the times, the therapist’s function as it relates to past and present. How to become a hands-on healer, a spelll breaker or a bonesetter ? What is the process ? How these therapies have been passed on through the ages? Martine Dick is a dowser since thirty years. She practices in Alsace, East part of France. She follows one’s calling since two generations.

  • 120 réponses d’un médecin de terrain aux pathologies d’aujourd’hui 20,00

    This book does not replace a medical examination. However, it avoid patients to have an overconsumption of chemical pills by returning to a common sense medecine. This practical guide is for all people who try to understand their problems to look after themselves and remain healthy. The author describes 120 pathologies frequently met in his office, from chronic inflammatory to emergency disords without forgetting prevention and its available treatments. All basic advices are described here to maintain a good health and to feed well. Doctor of Medicine, Gérard Leborgne has fifty years experience. He is also specialized into natural medicines.

  • Arabe express

    Required reading before any trip, this handbook will cover all your needs to manage arrival and departure formalities, and anything in between. It covers customs, trains, restaurants, hotels, cabs, purchases and also museums, music, local customs, business meetings, negociating, etc.. Every word is transcribed phonetically. All books in the collection are written by native speakers who are able to provide intimate details of their countries.

  • Récupération et recyclage à tout faire By: Inès Peyret 18,00

    Translation coming soon !

  • Devenez votre propre naturopathe By: Sylvie Bertin 16,90

    4th of cover translating soon !

  • Les personnalités invivables By: Guy Lesoeurs Maurizio 18,00

    Foreword by Professor Gérard Ostermann


  • Respirez By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 15,00

    Savez vous comment :
    • Ne pas être essoufflé lorsque vous marchez, courez, montez l’escalier ?
    • Vous détendre avant un rendez-vous important ? • Vous déstresser ?
    • Vous préparer à un sommeil profond ?
    • Et bien d’autres…pour être bien tout simplement.

    C’est ce que vous propose ce livre pratique illustré : apprenez à respirer comme vous apprenez à marcher, chose la plus naturelle au monde et indispensable pour votre santé. N’hésitez plus, concentrez vous sur la respiration dont vous avez besoin. Décrites étape par étape et illustrées, l’auteur propose 20 respirations essentielles selon les situations à pratiquer n’importe où et à n’importe quel moment.

  • Courants vitaux et nutripuncture By: Cristina Cuomo Doctor Patrick Véret 24,00

    Foreword by Edgar Morin

    Did you know that our cells communicate permanently between them? In this book, the authors present a method to help cellular communication and self-regulation.
    Over time, the stressful situations of live alter cellular self-regulation: our cells become unable to communicate in a consistent manner.
    Many experiments have allowed people who use this method to highlight physical trauma, the death of a loved one, miscarriage, separation, rape, but also job loss, a move, family conflicts, etc., constituting for our cells stresses that weaken specific areas of the body.
    Using 39 polymetallic complexes, it is possible to relaunch the information that modulates cell life, in order to defuse the impact of stress on natural self-regulation and thereby enhance psychosomatic vitality at all ages.
    The authors present the numerous applications of a phenomenological method, based on observation and experimentation, which finds its bases in the innovative fields of science: epigenetics, theory of complex systems, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology (PNEI), quantum physics. Among the researchers inspired it are Georges Lakhovsky, Barbara McClintock, physicists F. Albert Popp and Emilio Del Giudice.

  • Trésor des plantes médicinales – par le Dr Parès, pionnière du soin par les plantes By: Doctor Béatrice Milbert Lucie Hubert 22,00

    New look on medicinal plants and their innumerable treasures, this practical book is the testimony of Professor Yvette Parès, internationally renowned scientist, first in the world to cultivate the bacillus of leprosy. Confronted with the limitations of Western therapies to cure this disease, she discovered the potential of traditional African medicine and was initiated by a master knowing how to associate several plants to ensure their optimal synergy.
    It was after thirty years of medical experience in Senegal that she decided, in 1996, when she returned to Europe, to write a therapeutic work based on the use of European medicinal plants. She gives all her formulas (decoction, infusion, maceration, miraculous waters, medicated oils, medicinal vinegars, alcoholic drinks, etc.) to cure everyday ailments as well as more serious diseases by writing innumerable cards concerning them and their most diverse symptoms.

  • Votre guide des Huiles Essentielles au quotidien – 80 Huiles Essentielles By: Maryline Hourlier 16,00

    Un livre pour toute la famille.
    Cet ouvrage s’adresse à tous, y compris à toute la famille, qui souhaitent se soigner de façon naturelle et rapide et qui veulent améliorer leur quotidien, prévenir et guérir des maux du quotidien.

    On y découvre les qualités des Huiles Essentielles les plus courantes, savoir les choisir et les utiliser avec toutes les précautions d’usage, ainsi que de multiples formules efficaces pour guérir le plus rapidement possible.

    L’auteur propose aussi l’association de ces dernières avec les hydrolats et les huiles végétales pour permettre de les utiliser quand il le faut et comme il le faut.
    Cet ouvrage n’oublie pas les Huiles Essentielles de base à avoir toujours dans sa trousse de voyage en toutes circonstances !

  • Fatigué ? Fibromyalgie ou syndrome de fatigue chronique By: Doctor Luc Bodin 16,00

    Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are two diseases known under different names: fibrositis, neurasthenia, diffuse polyalgic syndrome …

    Today, more than 12 million Europeans, including 1.4 million in France, are suffering from fibromyalgia, not to mention the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Women are more often affected and represent 9 out of 10 cases. But children can also have this disease. In the United States, for example, 5 to 8% of pediatric hospitalizations correspond to this condition, especially girls aged 13 to 15 years.

    Neglected for a long time, these diseases are now officially recognized by major international administrations.
    Fibromyalgia covers many different symptoms that sometimes intersect with other symptoms of already known diseases such as spasmophilia, myasthenia, depression, post-traumatic stress, rheumatism …
    The two main symptoms are pain (in particular areas of the body) and fatigue. The other signs: intestinal disorders, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and people with fibromyalgia are often relegated to the rank of psychic patients. Conventional medicine is very poor against these diseases. It mainly offers pain killers, physiotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy.

    This book reviews all current knowledge about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It exposes the symptoms, causes and existing treatments including the latest discoveries. But above all, it describes in detail all the discoveries and therapies that have been tried all over France and around the world, which can concretely bring solutions or reliefs to sick people.

  • ORACLE Belline – Faire les bons choix By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,00

    Third in the ORACLE BELLINE series, this simple and practical guide allows you to draw the cards (face down) in 3 different ways to answer your questions:
    1rst card game, 4-card cross print: “I have a project”, “I want to buy an apartment”, “I want to put myself in a relationship”, “I want to change my job” so choose the draw game in cross with his 4 cards (1. My wish, 2. The brake, 3. The advice, 4.The possible result)
    2nd game, draw 2 cards: “I have a problem”, “I can not find an apartment”, choose 2 cards for 2 tips (the card “Stop”, the card “Help”),
    3rd game, draw 1 card: “my situation is still blocked”.
    Reveal THE map that explains why? And free your mind from the weight of your doubts.

  • Se soigner sans antibiotiques, c’est possible By: Florence Raynaud 16,00

    Do you know that we can cure most of our ills with natural remedies and without tiring our body ? Florence Raynaud, pharmacist, offers a practical guide for the whole family. She conveys us her knowledge, advice and dosage to heal you against daily digestive, respiratory, urinary, eyes or skin problems without antibiotics.

    You will understand why antibiotics are not necessarily essential, when natural medicines exist ! They can heal children as well as adults, with recommendations for pregnant women.

    What are the effects of antibiotics on our body? (allergies, antimicrobial résistance, etc.). In which case should we favour natural remedies over antibiotics?

  • Bien nourrir son enfant, c’est possible ! By: Véronique Lopez 18,00

    – How to choose milk for a newborn?
    – How to cope with various eating disorders suddenly encountered?
    – How to manage the attraction of children and teenagers for industrial products (spreads, candy bars, sodas)?

    – Should you give products from organic farming to your child to avoid possible health problems?

    This comprehensive and well-documented practice guide talks about nutrition (diet, lifestyle, intolerance) and about the dietary needs of children, from birth to adolescence.
    The author also shares a reflection on the role played by the education system and by the collective life, while analysing social problems and environmental issues.


    In this book, Olivia de Bergerac details her experiences with dolphins and their power of transformation and healing that dolphin encounters bring. It is told through stories and transcripts of conversations with participants of expeditions she has organised. Extensive EEG recordings demonstrate dramatic changes in the brainwaves of participants before and after a dolphin swim, and these provide possible explanations of the changes in mind, body and spirit observed in people who encounters dolphins. Each of the ten transformative patterns identified is illustrated with a case study. The book also outline the ‘dolphins in the harbour’ project that aimed at facilitating the return of dolphins to Sydney harbour. The dolphin Within describes a new psychology of human potential based on a dolphin model. Some chapters are devoted to the ‘corporate dolphin’ way of doing business and fresh approaches to team building and defining corporate goals are illustrated with actual examples from the business world.

  • HISTOIRE DU JOUET depuis le Jura, berceau du jouet 29,00

    French toystory comes from Jura. Reminding toys and brands from our childhood, it shows that today Jura is still creating toys. Encouraged by plentiful hydraulic and silvicultural resources, Jura will develop during numerous centuries a working tradition of wood toys that will become one of the fashions of expression privileged person. Rattles, toys of address (yoyo, ossicles, balls) and dolls will be a part of first objects. The word toy, will appear only at the Middle Ages. In the Revolution, whoever can make from now on and sell toys, set up a business quite freely. In 1798, new toy shops will be in the galleries which encircle the garden of the Palais Royal in the center of Paris. At the beginning of the XXth century, with the arrival of new materials, toy can finally become an object of consumption. Today, China and multinationals hold the world market, China appropriating about 80 % of toys sold in the world. In spite of a difficult economic environment since the end of Post-war economic booms, there are always manufacturers of toys in Jura and Ain areas. In front guard of new techniques, they transformed little by little this territory of tradition into standard bearer of the toy ” Made in France ” with in particular the return of the wooden toy. 200 photos colors and N and B, as well as archive documents come to illustrate this book. Native of Jura, Yvan Lacroix is the export manager of Vilac group. He also manages Petitcollin company, last one to produce dolls in France.

  • Dictionnaire à tout faire Anticrise By: Inès Peyret 19,00

    Save money is not pleasant nor sexy ! However, there are not 36 solutions : we spend less and we make a maximum of things oneself. The Punks, with their Do It Yourself – had well understood it : they applied it in all domains from sewing to do-it-yourself without forgetting graphs on T-shirts, and music. No jewels? No problem. They take safety pins and chains ! Of course, these boys with crests invented nothing, they made what formerly people did in countrysides. By looking for recipes to consume healthy and spend less and better, we noticed that frugality made its comeback. And not only in France! Fortunately, we comfort each other with our misfortune and we motivate by saying that these compulsory budgetary restrictions force us to show creativity in many areas such as food- supply, clothing, do-it-yourself, housework, without forgetting how to make energy savings, find ways to find accommodation, move at a lower cost, etc. The ideas propose in this anticrisis dictionary will help you, as us, to live better, while spending less thanks to numerous information on economy and collaborative consumption.