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  • Dictionnaire à tout faire du bicarbonate By: Inès Peyret 18,00

    Today is a period of saving. Instead of having several products for many usages, why not to try just one, the King bicarbonate. It is THE product of our grandmothers, it is THE triple product of modern times : hypereffective, economical and ecological. As an example, It is THE star of whitening of teeth, easy digestion, relief of stings, elimination of spots and stains, all bad smelling, suppression of weed and diseases of the garden, and THE marvel of tones of culinary recipes. It is so multi-purpose that we are all upset ! Discover its 1001 usages and become crazy about him.

  • Récupération et recyclage à tout faire By: Inès Peyret 18,00

    Translation coming soon !

  • Bien nourrir son enfant, c’est possible ! By: Véronique Lopez 18,00

    – How to choose milk for a newborn?
    – How to cope with various eating disorders suddenly encountered?
    – How to manage the attraction of children and teenagers for industrial products (spreads, candy bars, sodas)?

    – Should you give products from organic farming to your child to avoid possible health problems?

    This comprehensive and well-documented practice guide talks about nutrition (diet, lifestyle, intolerance) and about the dietary needs of children, from birth to adolescence.
    The author also shares a reflection on the role played by the education system and by the collective life, while analysing social problems and environmental issues.

  • Dictionnaire à tout faire Anticrise By: Inès Peyret 19,00

    Save money is not pleasant nor sexy ! However, there are not 36 solutions : we spend less and we make a maximum of things oneself. The Punks, with their Do It Yourself – had well understood it : they applied it in all domains from sewing to do-it-yourself without forgetting graphs on T-shirts, and music. No jewels? No problem. They take safety pins and chains ! Of course, these boys with crests invented nothing, they made what formerly people did in countrysides. By looking for recipes to consume healthy and spend less and better, we noticed that frugality made its comeback. And not only in France! Fortunately, we comfort each other with our misfortune and we motivate by saying that these compulsory budgetary restrictions force us to show creativity in many areas such as food- supply, clothing, do-it-yourself, housework, without forgetting how to make energy savings, find ways to find accommodation, move at a lower cost, etc. The ideas propose in this anticrisis dictionary will help you, as us, to live better, while spending less thanks to numerous information on economy and collaborative consumption.

  • Dictionnaire à tout faire des sels By: Inès Peyret 16,00

    There is not only in cooking that salts charm and amaze us ! The Hebrew sealed their promises with salt and the first Roman main road, Via Salarial was built to transport this treasure protected by soldiers. The salt is magic and we use it for everything: in the bathwater, to exfoliate our body and our man before seducing him, to do cleaning and washing, to create masterpieces (salt paste), to put away fleas from Sweetie, save our radish and carrots, clear snow from the pavement, remove ice from our windscreens or decorate concrete. There are more than 14 000 different usages – especially industrialialsts – for this nice sodium chloride. The list was not communicated yet but the chances are high that it is not an exhaustive one.

  • Dictionnaire A TOUT FAIRE du riz By: Inès Peyret 17,00

    Rice isn’t only for sushis. From entrees to desserts even in beverages this little grain bend to every fantasies from chefs or amateurs, handyman or yourselfers and beautystas.

  • Dictionnaire à tout faire des tâches By: Inès Peyret 12,00

    Every stain belongs to its category and has its own solution to disappear. The most frequent ones are the proteins, tannins, and fats. But there are also the industrial, the chemical, the organic, the mineral ones and by the way those that are not classified. With this very practical small dictionary, every spot has its own technique of natural eradication. Also this books tells you how to prepare in advance your own products for prewashing, cleaning and whitening. Yes ! In the universe of spots, there are multiple fast, ecological, effective and cheap solutions. An index of spots from A to Z, natural cleaners and victims (materials and colors) is also available at the end of this book.

  • Dictionnaire à tout faire du thé By: Inès Peyret 12,00

    Tea is borned more than 5000 years ago in China when the Emperor Shen Nong tested a new fabulous drinking of tea leaves accidentally fallen in his pot of boiling water. Considered at first as a medicine before being described as a spice, it became a trendy drink and the Queen, Mick Jagger and many others people don’t hide anymore their addiction for this divine beverage. The tea story does not stop there. It is back in cooking and wonderful recipes and makes its coming out in the universe of cosmetics, flagrances and cleaning products! White, green, yellow teas, Oolong, blacks, frosted or Rooïbos, we make almost everything with them : original recipes, housework, gardening without forgetting our physical and mental well-being.

  • L’éducation prénatale naturelle – NE 18,00

    These last decades, scientific and psychological researches confirm the millennium intuition of women: in utéro, child is a sensory, sensitive and reacting being. Since his conception, his cells gather information at the same time that they form: the antenatal child builds the first health bases, his affectivity, his relational modes, his intellectual abilities, even his creativity. This antenatal, natural education, is fundamental. In a clear and simple language, this present work gather useful knowledge, testimonies and suggestions susceptible to feed the creativity of the parents-to-be. Educators, young people, public and social decision-makers will find global information which can guide their choices. Marie-Andrée Bertin is honorary director of nursery school in charge of the training of the Masters to the plans departmental and national. By 1982 in France, it takes part in the foundation of the first Association for Antenatal Education, then in 1991 with that of the OMAEP (Worldwide organization for Antenatal Education) which gathers 19 national associations diffusing out of three continents new knowledge on the antenatal life.

  • Le dictionnaire à tout faire des huiles By: Inès Peyret 18,25

    2800 tips and hints on how ” to MAKE EVERYTHING ” with 37 oils : at home, for cooking, for your health and beauty, for the garden and for pets and animals. All that you should know from A to Z In this practical guide, you will also find what is an oil? How to choose and to keep them fresh ? 37 vegetable oils (extracted from seeds, fruits or from flowers), are handled, without forgetting to say a word on oil from mineral origin (liquid paraffin) and animal (cod-liver oils, whale, seal). After a first reading of this manual, oils have no secrets for you. And moreover, if you wish to make the right purchase and the good use of spices, this book also contains practical addresses to find them.

  • Le Dictionnaire A Tout Faire des épices By: Inès Peyret 18,25

    3200 tips and hints on how to use spices at home, for cooking, for your health and beauty, for the garden and for pets and animals. All that you should know from A to Z. Yes, spices are magic. A little hot pepper, ginger, curry and some peppercorns are enough to perfume the most simple recipes and explose your papillae, even if some cautions have to be taken. In this practical guide, you will also find: – What is a spice? How to choose and to keep them fresh ? – How to use them in cooking and with which food ? – But also to perfume your house, get rid of insects in your garden, etc. After a first reading of this manual, spices have no secrets for you. And moreover, if you wish to make the right purchase and the good use of spices, this book also contains practical addresses to find them.

  • Dîtes le aux femmes enceintes 16,25

    In spite of the profusion of information available on the NET and in the medias, and the wide range of advices on the subject, women would find in this book strong answers to their intimate questions. This manual is more than an accompaniment for women from pregnancy to childbirth. It has been settled thanks to 8000 witnesses of pregnant women and the strong experience of the author. Illustrated with 50 pictures, he proposes major points, answers of common sense, practical advices. Formerly speech therapist at the Hospital of the Pitié Salpétrière in Paris (Service of Neuropsychology), Marie-Hélène Demey, teachs yoga for pregnant women.

  • Savons noirs à tout faire By: Inès Peyret 16,00

    1200 tips and hints on how to use the blach soap at home (for washing, painting), for the body, the garden and for pets and animals. All that you should know from A to Z. After a first reading of this manual, black soaps have no secrets for you. And moreover, if you wish to make the right purchase and the good use of black soap, this book also contains practical addresses to find the REAL one. Perfect tool-kit for the ecological attitude : look now at the labels and always check that the black soap you buy contains more than only 5 or 15 %.

  • Savoir BIEN CHOISIR & ACHETER By: Inès Peyret 18,25

    Clothing / Decorating items / Gastronomy / Life-style… 1000 tips and hints on how to spot quality in what you buy Do you know how to: -Try on a suit? -Decipher the technical jargon used for tiles or textiles? -Recognize the construction of a shoe? – Recognize a quality carpet? – Estimate the life-span of a leather settee, a candle? – Understand what makes the difference between a 5 euro and a 50 euro knife? -Examine a handbag? – Choose a sturdy umbrella? – Avoid being conned by a fake ‘handmade’ pottery? – Tell the difference between glass and crystal, true and fake gilding? – Find the best teas, the best coffees, the best chocolates, the best spices? Our grannies used to say “We can’t afford to buy cheap” And they were so right! Because buying quality is to invest in durability. In the long run, it’s good for the purse, good for the planet and good for the economy because quality products are very often made in our country! The throw-away era is over, here comes the sustainable era. The fruit of dozens of interviews with craftsmen and professionals dedicated to their trade, this guide tells you everything you need to know to buy fifty everyday objects and products we use without really knowing them: shirts, jeans, hats, ties, scarves, glasses, watches, perfume, furniture, frames, bookbinding, pens, musical instruments…….. Olivier Barrellier is a journalist specialized in sustainable development technology. Ines Peyret is a journalist. She is the author of: Le Dictionnaire à tout faire, Vinaigres à tout faire, Le Dictionnaire à tout faire du jardin, Récupération Et Recyclage À Tout Faire,.