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    • Yoga et Pilates en famille 14,90

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    • PREVENIR ET GUERIR PAR LE YOGA By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 25,90

      Do you know that a regular practice of yoga can successfully treats asthme, gastrites, arterial hypertension, colitis, anxiety and many others diseases? With more than 100 pictures, this guide details exercices to prevent, and cure more than 40 frequent organic or mechanic disorders of everyday life. Unique, this work is issued from more than 25 years of experience and practice of yoga with the governmental center of research and yogic treatments of Japur (Rajasthan).

    • Yoga – De la tradition à la pratique 24,90

      Traditional yoga gives unexpected advantages even essentials linked to our life energy. It became trendy to practice, but people are don’t really know much about it.

    • Yoga du visage ou cirsan-kriya 14,00

      There is now natural methods to prevent face and neck skin aging (and looking younger!): practising face yoga on a daily basis.

    • Guide de méditation – le silence intérieur 18,00

      Being quiet, empty our mind, to rest, to meditate, those are vital exercices to face our daily lives with serenity and to redefine ourselves. This guide is an introduction for all to the buddhist meditation heritated from the “Ancient” tradition which is still learned in South Asia.

    • YOGA ET ESTIME DE SOI By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 15,20

      Self esteem plays a major part in social and psychological behavior. It is also a source of energy that supports combativeness and creativity. It makes possible to recover from a failure. In this book, the author establishes a parallel between the psychoanalytical and hindouist theories based on the ego construction and the love of oneself. This book is also a pratical guide with simple yoga exercices conceived to develop a better self esteem and talent. General disorders will be better determined and managed.