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  • ORACLE Belline – Faire les bons choix By: Viviane Le Moullec 22,00

    Faites les bons choix !

    Troisième de la série des ORACLE BELLINE, ce guide simple et pratique vous permet de tirer les cartes (face cachée) de 3 façons différentes pour répondre aux questions que vous vous posez :

    • 1err jeu de cartes, tirage en croix à 4 cartes : « j’ai un projet », « je veux acheter un appartement », « je veux me mettre en couple », « je veux changer de travail » alors choisissez le jeu du tirage en croix avec ses 4 cartes (1. Mon souhait, 2. Le frein, 3. Le conseil, 4.Le résultat possible)
    • 2e jeu, tirage à 2 cartes : « j’ai un problème », « je n’arrive pas à trouver un appartement », choisissez 2 cartes pour 2 conseils (la carte « Cessez », la carte « Aidez »),
    • 3e jeu, tirage à 1 carte : « ma situation est toujours bloquée ».

    Dévoilez LA carte qui vous explique pourquoi ? Et libérez votre esprit du poids de vos doutes.


  • Origines et pratiques des anciens tradithérapeutes 22,30

    Work for every person who wants to know and to understand the History of ancient therapists and their reason for being today. Whom are they, how do they practice today? How their knowledge is transmitted since several generations? What exacly is a ancient therapist ? This book describes their tools and their usage, instruments of the times, the therapist’s function as it relates to past and present. How to become a hands-on healer, a spelll breaker or a bonesetter ? What is the process ? How these therapies have been passed on through the ages? Martine Dick is a dowser since thirty years. She practices in Alsace, East part of France. She follows one’s calling since two generations.

  • Aux sources du Yoga By: Jean Varenne 19,00

    In recent years, Yoga has won a large audience in Europe, but it remains not well known.
    We know that it should not be reduced to a europhic gymnastic, we know as well that it has nothing to do with pseudo-oriental sects which have proliferated in the sixties. It remains to be determined where exactly does this original discipline, born in India forty centuries ago, set. To achieve this, this book invites us to a return to the « roots of Yoga ». By reading it, we will discover Yoga as a philosophy (or better : a «view of the world») and a spiritual method which leads to Windsom, and which takes into account the human person in his entirety : « body and soul ». Maybe the success of Yoga in the West is explained by the fact that it allows its followers to control at the same time their muscles, their breath, their psyche etc. ; and to do it in the meaning of an openness towards higher spirituality.

    What is more current in this beginning of the 21st century ?

    1st edition : 1973
    2nd edition : 1989

    Jean Varenne is the author.

  • Extraterrestres – 60 témoignages By: Professor Antonio Chiumiento 18,00

    Foreign rights not available.


  • Observations et présences lumineuses By: Professor Antonio Chiumiento 14,00

    Foreign rights not available.

  • Le tarot de Marseille – son langage secret By: Viviane Le Moullec 25,00

    Tarot fascinates people. But as any art, we have to learn its language. The aim of this book is to help you decrypt this secret language and to help you getting closer to divinities.

  • L’énergie de l’invisible 16,00

    Sandrine Muller-Bohard discovered her gift by surprise. And this is what this book is about, the invisible. Her gift help her perceive the aura of people, and their vital energy.

  • Echos de lumière 16,00

    Echoes of light are often alluded by astrophysicians and represent here a link between spirituality and science. Wa see the emerging power of a new conscience facing intensified materialism. Man is not the only one tormented. He’s accompanied by Lightforces which stimulated thirst and seeking of truth to help people knowing Who they really are inside of them.

  • Les grands maîtres spirituels du Kriya Yoga By: Paramahamsa Hariharananda 15,00

    Kriya Yoga is a powerful meditation system based on breath science which intensify the religious and spiritual activity. This book renew the interest of many spiritual researchers concerning meditation, giving them the inspiration of developping their knowledge.

  • La radiesthésie au service de votre santé – méthodes & diagnostics – NE 19,00

    This book highlights differents work methods, precautions of use and explains the impact of radiance on our health, why dowsing and medecine are connected but also the influence of geobioogy on our system.