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    • Devenez votre propre naturopathe By: Sylvie Bertin 16,90

      4th of cover translating soon !

    • Votre guide des Huiles Essentielles du quotidien – 80 Huiles Essentielles – massages – detox – santé By: Maryline Hourlier 16,00

      Un livre pour toute la famille.
      Cet ouvrage s’adresse à tous, y compris à toute la famille, qui souhaitent se soigner de façon naturelle et rapide et qui veulent améliorer leur quotidien, prévenir et guérir des maux du quotidien.

      On y découvre les qualités des Huiles Essentielles les plus courantes, savoir les choisir et les utiliser avec toutes les précautions d’usage, ainsi que de multiples formules efficaces pour guérir le plus rapidement possible.

      L’auteur propose aussi l’association de ces dernières avec les hydrolats et les huiles végétales pour permettre de les utiliser quand il le faut et comme il le faut.
      Cet ouvrage n’oublie pas les Huiles Essentielles de base à avoir toujours dans sa trousse de voyage en toutes circonstances !

    • Se soigner sans antibiotiques, c’est possible By: Florence Raynaud 16,00

      Do you know that we can cure most of our ills with natural remedies and without tiring our body ? Florence Raynaud, pharmacist, offers a practical guide for the whole family. She conveys us her knowledge, advice and dosage to heal you against daily digestive, respiratory, urinary, eyes or skin problems without antibiotics.

      You will understand why antibiotics are not necessarily essential, when natural medicines exist ! They can heal children as well as adults, with recommendations for pregnant women.

      What are the effects of antibiotics on our body? (allergies, antimicrobial résistance, etc.). In which case should we favour natural remedies over antibiotics?

    • Dictionnaire complet d’aromathérapie By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 24,90

      This complete DICTIONARY of essential oils and AROMATHERAPY is the updated and completed new edition of ” Essential Oils – 230 oils, how to cure 170 troubles of everydaylife “. It defines: – How to use an Essential Oil, a hydrolat or a vegetable oil (by cutaneous, oral or air ionization way), Each way to treat a pathology is explained step by step and contain practical and easy-to-understand form, detailing every conceivable use for essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life. – How to choose and buy them. This dictionary references alphabetically 250 Essential Oils, 32 Hydrolats and 34 Vegetable Oils. 300 current pathologies are handled. A complete index (medical and botanical) is available at the end of work. Jean-Philippe Zahalka is Doctor of pharmacy. His book is full of information with professional advice and special precautions. He prepares his own essential oil formulas for his customers in his pharmacy located in Paris.

    • Secrets d’une magnétiseuse 18,00

      If science could explain everything and medicine treating everything, magnetism will lose its millenial being. This book is a testimony of this work, given by a magnetiser.

    • Le corps humain, cette magnifique machine 19,90

      Knowing your body may be a big deal, especially your neuro- vertebral system. Why do we have back aches? How to go through? Understand articulary pains and to maintain our bodies in an optimal function which lead to a good health?

    • Dictionnaire complet des Hydrolats & eaux florales By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 20,00

      Cosmetics use hydrolats and floral water as cleansing and tonic lotions for the face as well as parfumed water to refresh the body. What do we really know about those, the way of using it and their benefits on our bodies?

    • Dictionnaire complet d’aromathérapie By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 25,90

      Sold everywhere and easily buyable, oils, hydrolats and essential oils should be verified by the customer in order to check their quality. This dictionary referenced more than 255 essential oils, 32 hydrolats and 34 vegetable oil to cure 309 diseases.

    • Ma boîte à pharmacie naturelle By: Florence Raynaud Yrsa Prietzel 12,00

      As a mother, professional or grandparent, you will use this book at the first symptoms development, while waiting to see your doctor. You will find the active and natural remedy that you can buy in pharmacy such as homoeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, flowers of Bach, probiotics and food complements. This practical guide describes 149 current pathologies for all of those who wish to take care of their health without going to the doctor in the slightest cold. It includes also stress, lack of sleep and others small current illnesses. Based on authors’s practices and experiments, each disease is treated with a lot of advices, benefits of therapies, remedy that will suit you the best and also contra-indications. Florence Raynaud is a pharmacist and Yrsa Prietzel, a naturopath. This book contains an alphabetical and therapeutic Index.