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  • Les sucres et édulcorants – douceurs amères 18,00

    False needs or real dangers, sugars are essential to our body and more particularly to our brain and our muscles which are the first to use them to work normally. What are good and bad sugars, do we need sweeteners as substitutes ? which ones ? Can honey replace sugar ? This complete book indicates all we have to know about sugars (and sweet foods) and sweeteners : What quantity and quality are hidden in our daily foods ? What do they become in our body, which are their benefits and damaging effects ? What sugars should we ingest according to our profile ? (If we are sporty, pregnant, old or student, etc.) ? What is a glycemic index ? This book describes also all main sugars sold in supermarkets (refined, cane, molasses, beet, barley, palm tree, rice, etc.) as well as their properties. At the end, the author indicates fifteen kinds of honey and their therapeutic benefits. Pioneer in the agrobiology field and promoter of non conventional Medicine, Doctor JEAN-CLAUDE RODET is also a nutritherapist since forty years. He speaks in an agricultural efficiency’s favour without chemicals, as well as in a new medicine of nutrition’d favour called nutritherapy.

  • Le côlon, notre 2e cerveau By: Doctor Georges Pourtalet 19,00

    Colon is not what you think. It has way more use than we think. It may be like a second brain, but we still don’t know every role colon has to play in our body functions

  • Secrets d’une herboriste By: Marie-Antoinette Mulot 28,00

    “Secrets d’une herboriste” est le témoignage de Marie-Antoinette MULOT, herboriste diplômée de la faculté de Pharmacie de Montpellier, et le testament d’une femme qui a consacré sa vie aux plantes.

    Forte de 315 plantes médicinales pour 115 maladies
    courantes, cette bible des plantes reste un document exceptionnel : soixante années de passion et d’expériences quotidiennes d’abord dans son herboristerie de la région parisienne, au Raincy, puis dans sa petite boutique de Saint-Gilles du Gard, en Camargue. Marie-Antoinette MULOT s’est éteinte le 8 novembre 1999.

    Aujourd’hui plus que jamais son livre est d’actualité, le renouveau d’intérêt que nous portons à la connaissance des plantes, à leur utilisation pour notre confort de vie, ainsi que pour soulager ou même guérir quantité de petits maux, en font une vedette en la matière.

    “Un livre exceptionnel, aussi magique et fascinant que son auteur”.
    Michel Drucker (Europe 1).

    “Le livre le plus authentique écrit sur ce sujet par la plus authentique des herboristes”.
    G. Aziz (libération).

  • 101 “bobos” expliqués par la Médecine Energétique Chinoise By: Anne Ducasse 14,00

    Nous avons tous mal quelque part un jour ou l’autre et certains d’entre nous ont toujours quelque chose de détraqué. Passer notre vie à prendre des cachets aux effets anti-inflammatoires ou anti-douleur sans avoir d’autres explications que la chimie, revient à passer à côté de ce qui anime la vie sur Terre : l’Énergie en toute chose.
    Nos « bobos » sans gravité qui se manifestent par moment sans raison apparente sont en réalité utiles. Ce sont les voyants lumineux de notre corps pour mobiliser notre attention sur la présence d’un dérèglement. Ce livre vous propose de découvrir puis de vous expliquer comment les modifications de notre énergie sont à l’origine de ces 101 « bobos » les plus courants.
    Dans le premier chapitre, quelques points essentiels pour comprendre l’Énergie vous aideront dans la lecture de cet ouvrage.
    Un index par thème en dernière partie de l’ouvrage vous aidera à trouver la question ou la réponse que vous cherchez.

  • SPIRULINE – algue bleue de santé et de prévention 20,00

    Spirulina is a kind of magic algae, it gives many nutrients and help to cure and prevent diseases. It is the most versatile source of nutrients since it may be transposable to many aspects and forms. But it is the most unknown algae of all aswell.

  • SECRETS DU REGIME CRETOIS – NE By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 17,00

    Cretan diet may be a good diet if you aspire to live longer. It is based on some rules such as low meat proteins income, high fruits and cereals income, and a reasonnable daily income for exemple.

  • Comment éviter le burn-out 14,00

    World plague due to stress and exhaustion, burn-out can affect all generations. Tiredness, depression, loss of self-respect are the negative consequences that affect everyday life when it is too late. The most common temporary solution is to take antidepressants which lessen the symptoms, but do not affect the underlying causes. Facing more and more patients, victims of this plague, Doctor Kamami (victim him self from burn-out) proposes in his book a set of natural solutions bounded to his medical practice and his own experiment. Among them: · Prevent and manage stress; · React, resist to burn-out by recharging batteries; · Practice meditation of full consciousness as a protective shield. This book is not only medical. It is a practical book to understand the desease and avoid it. Numerous researches in neurosciences on peacefullness (mental and body) are in progress today and are approached here. They offer several possibilities to appropriate a state of mind: happiness.

  • La maladie de Willis-Ekborn ou des jambes sans repos – ce qu’il faut savoir 14,00

    Disease of Willis-Ekbom is a neurological disease. It is characterized by an uncontrollable need to move legs any time even at night. This pathology would affect 3 % of the french people This book answers to questions such as : – When and how arise the symptoms? At what age? – Who to consult? – What are the causes? The consequences? – How to appreciate the level of severity ? · What are the existing treatments, what can we expect from medical reseach, natural therapies and psychological assistance ? Formal engineer on long-haul flight, the author Jean-Pierre Beaufey, today retired, began to feel the first symptoms when he stops working. Suffering a lot, he understood quicky that doctors and neurologists were without solutions.Today, the french Association AFE, is essential for supporting and help ill persons. Several testimonies are described in this book.

  • MEDECINE ENERGETIQUE CHINOISE : Notre vie quotidienne 101 questions-réponses 14,00

    In order to understand Universe through Energy Chinese Medicine and Theory of Five Elements, Ann Ducasse invites us to revisit our everyday life. Things and objects around us, what we are doing, what we eat, the way we feel, receive a particular form of energy, governed by universal energy laws. Setting 101 questions and answers on our daily life helps us to understand universal energy and interdependence of things and beings. An index in the last part of the book will help you to find the question or the answer you are looking for. Anne Ducasse lives in Dijon (France). She pratices and gives class on energy chinese medicine. She is the founder of the technique of massage which bears its name: bio-energy Manual Technique of Anne Ducasse ® (T.M.B.E.A.D ®). She has created a school which bears its name and she proposes several trainings in T.M.B.E.A.D ® and Chinese Energetics to paramedical, medical, and other manual therapists, to complete their background.


    Mushrooms word is as well magic as underexploited. Considered as pillars of ecological diversity for their powerful desinfecting and fertilizing powers, some edible mushrooms possess astonishing virtues and are known as powerful immune boosters. Others categories of mushrooms handle arterial high blood pressure, excess of cholesterol and diabetes. And have also weight-loss, stimulating and antibiotics properties. Arguments also emerge against allergy, insanity and also retinal degeneration. All qualities beeing not quite revealed yet…. Mushroom is a key for human health because it contains several biological active substances easily absorbed by our bowel. Unfortunately, rare, underestimated, suspected, hardly cultivated, expensive, it disappears from our tables. Chemists know their medicinal virtues and wish to classify them in their pharmacopoeia.

  • La médecine préventive au secours de votre santé – bilan de santé & conseils au quotidien 14,50

    According to a recent world epidemiological study, current diseases (diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative disease, allergy) explode since 50 years and continue to increase. And this because of the evolution of technical progress (Wi-Fi), development of industrial food, and stress increasing in our modern society face to instability of economy. The most recent scientific estimations confirm that a better prevention could reduce from 30 to 60 % the risks of these new and existing diseases. That is why a medical check-up is recommanded by the age of 20. As prevention, this book allows the reader to inform himself and to understand his medical analysis. He can find : – Medical check-ups with a multiple choice questions form – – Interests and dangers of food in general on health – Pollutants in the industrial food – Interest of diets, and how to know which one can suits you? Their protective and depolluting effect on cardiovascular and cancerous affections. Doctor Rigaill is a general practitioner. He practices since about forty years. He is also the author of several books en health.

  • Je veux être un jeune centenaire ou Les incontournables d’une bonne santé By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 23,00

    Dr Willem dedicates his part time to research, trying to improve results obtained in strong pathologies. Since around thirty years, he works out his own protocols of treatment being particularly interested in pathologies for which allopathic medicine does not give results : cancers, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, strong eczemas, cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, migraines, cholesterol, hormonal disorders, etc. This book presents a synthesis of his work. Patients will find a source of information on origins of their health problems and special remedies to their troubles. All strong pathologies are described in detail with their causes, characteristics, preventions, specific analyses for each of them and the therapeutic steps to explore alternative medicines. All analyses to be made to appreciate health and tests, and weakness of the body are indicated in this book. By browsing this book, each of you will find a guide there who will accompany you maybe until 100 years.


    This book is a complete dictionary from A to Z of essential terms of Chinese Energetics. Every concept is commented and developed with major notions of energy. In complements, are approached under their energy aspect the flavors and the food, the climates, the seasons, the months of the year, colors, current affections with their influences and impacts on balance of the human energy system and its health. In appendix, a directory of the Chinese astrological signs, classified by years of birth gives, signs by sign, the Constitution and the individual temperament. Specialized into Masso-kinésithérapy, Anne Ducasse exercised her job in Dijon (France), until 2006. She founded the technique called bio-energy Manual Technique (T.M.B.E.A.D ®) in order to transmit her knowledges to paramedical, medical, and other therapists, concerned by completing their trainings.


    Intended to all persons who like and go to the sea (sportsmen, lovers and vacationers of any ages), this pratical guide gives you tips for : * Preparing your first-aid box and kit before departure for a short or long time period by the sea, * Clearly identifying the faintness or the health problem according to occuring symptoms, and having the right reflexes. All accidents and most frequent symptoms met at the beach and in the sea are described. The right cure for symptoms while waiting for help is also described there. What are the different means for alerting sea rescue operations ? A medical lexicon and practical addresses are available at the end of the book. Doctor Philippe Nuham is a general practitioner and an osteopath. He also practices at a Parisian EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE.

  • Les élixirs floraux de Viviane à faire soi-même By: Viviane Le Moullec 23,90

    Cette troisième et nouvelle édition augmentée s’adresse à toutes les personnes qui aiment les plantes, ne connaissent pas leurs multiples bienfaits, et souhaitent réaliser aujourd’hui ou demain leurs propres élixirs floraux. C’est aussi un livre pour les amoureux des jardins pour qu’ils découvrent une toute autre façon de voir les plantes.

    Parce qu’elles sont nos amies depuis toujours, qu’elles font partie de notre univers de vie, nous devons les protéger comme elles l’ont toujours fait pour nous dans de multiples domaines :
    • L’HOMÉOPATHIE en sait quelque chose puisque la plupart de ses remèdes sont issus du règne végétal.
    • L’HERBORISTERIE est une vivante illustration du bien qu’elles peuvent nous faire.
    Et l’alchimie des plantes est un savoir magique et ancestral, utilisée par toutes les civilisations depuis la nuit des temps.Aujourd’hui, les élixirs floraux sont rentrés dans notre vie quotidienne et l’on trouve sur le marché de nombreuses marques. Le Rescue, conçu originalement par le Dr Bach, aussi appelé remède d’urgence, est l’un des élixirs les plus connus.
    Il comprend 5 essences florales sous forme liquide ou en crème. On l’utilise en cas de stress intense, de choc ou de blessure.

    De plus en plus reconnus et utilisés, de nombreux professionnels de la santé (naturopathes, homéopathes, kinésiologues, herboristes, psychologues, infirmières, etc.)
    les utilisent en complément de leur pratique pour aider leurs patients à traiter un problème ponctuel.
    De l’Absinthe à la Vigne, 84 plantes sont ici présentées. L’auteur nous livre, pour chacune d’elles, leurs secrets, leurs caractéristiques et l’aide qu’elles peuvent nous apporter. Exemples : la Menthe pour la confiance en soi et la Mélisse pour la joie de vivre.

  • Les clés de votre bien-être par l’alimentation 18,00

    Thanks to 2 basic rules association – dissociation and pH -, you can become your own dietician for your own wellbeing. This initiation book easy to read and practical (quiz, questions and answers, tests) answers to the following questions: – How to find a good advice among the multitude of recommendations available in nutrition books ? – How to integrate these ones in the daily life? – How to choose right food for daily menus ? With a summarized theory, the reader can experiment the benefits of good food. Some rules to not forget : – To like what you eat, select food that brings you the right elements, respect good associations and alkaline diet – To choose food full of vitamins, antioxydants and banish junk food, – To keep healthy with regular diets and physical exercises for a good oxygenation, – What are the recommended techniques and recipies for cooking And also a word on vegetarian diet, products and addresses .

  • La cuisine indienne facile 19,25

    Handy compact guide for beginners, curious and others. We are shown step by step how to try your first recipies with one spice or more, how to create 6 easy diners with friends and many others tips to start indian cuisine easily. 60 easy recipies are developed.

  • La maladie de Crohn 10,15

    Crohn’s disease origin is still unknown. This autoimmune inflammation affects various parts of the intestine, (especially the ileum) and concerns a significant number of persons in the world. This book rich of information and practical experiences, helps all readers affected closely or not by this disease to review all possible treatments. Doctor Robert Pierrugues practises gastroenterology since thirty years. He is now specialized on Crohn’s disease in a private hospital close to the Montpellier area (France).

  • Ne me parlez plus de régimes ! 14,20

    To lose weight and stay slim for a long-term period is a choice for many people today. Diet programs try to persuade that they are the best and fit anybody. Unfortunately, it is not true because we have our own way of eating and living. Right now, there is no miracle recipes to slim. If ristricting one’s self is effective for a short-term period, it is particularly dangerous for health in a long-term period. That’s why, we should : · Accept and decide to lose weight gradually, · eat food that have a functional role and not only a special number of calories · be careful to body dysfunctions . become an actor of our food supply, practice a physical activity that guarantees a decrease of our metabolism. This book is a full of common sense. For the author, “diet” means frustration and nutritional imbalance : it has a yoyo effect on the body. Stéphane Delage, is 4. He is a dietitian since 2007. Operated for a renal cancer in 1996, he was obliged to a food supply contening reduced proteins.

  • Ma boîte à pharmacie naturelle By: Florence Raynaud Yrsa Prietzel 12,00

    As a mother, professional or grandparent, you will use this book at the first symptoms development, while waiting to see your doctor. You will find the active and natural remedy that you can buy in pharmacy such as homoeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, flowers of Bach, probiotics and food complements. This practical guide describes 149 current pathologies for all of those who wish to take care of their health without going to the doctor in the slightest cold. It includes also stress, lack of sleep and others small current illnesses. Based on authors’s practices and experiments, each disease is treated with a lot of advices, benefits of therapies, remedy that will suit you the best and also contra-indications. Florence Raynaud is a pharmacist and Yrsa Prietzel, a naturopath. This book contains an alphabetical and therapeutic Index.

  • La santé et les ondes nouvelles. Du nouveau à savoir & à faire savoir By: Simonne Brousse 19,25

    This book gathers information about electromagnetism and health, from 1935 to nowadays. Completed by several interviews, all readers can draw conclusions for protecting themselves, and organizing means of defense. Measures, scientific and technical terms are described and explained in a simple manner. Simonne Brousse (96 years old today) was a former journalist and health editor for the famous newspaper Vogue. Here, she presents a fascinating panorama of avant-garde works, discoveries, methods and results, and last researches. This work of detailed investigation gives us a simple and clear view of the medicine of this new century.

  • Guide pratique des aliments qui entretiennent votre santé, nlle édition 18,25

    This book is a small true encyclopedia. You will find a list of all daily foods from A to Z and their own medicinal property. An illnesses index and their own immunity-boosting foods. A nutritious index of all food complements that have a beneficial effect on our health. Doctor Senninger is a high-profile nutritionist.

  • Manger rouge pour rester vert 18,25

    This practical book is dedicated to the best red antioxidant food. At the end of the work, 50 simple, light and delicious anti-ageing red recipes, from appetizers to desserts, without forgetting sauces. Doctor Houdret pratices medecine since 1967. He is also the author of ” the best of diets ” with Karl Lagerfeld ( Laffont) translated in several langages.

  • L’huile de Calophylle Inophylle 10,15

    Quite unknown by general public, the Calophyllum (that grows up in Tahiti and Malagasy), produces a remarkable oil prescribed by doctors and chemists for its positive effect on skin. Very aromatic, this oil is used mainly to cure dermatological deseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.), dry and irritated skins, varied dermatosis (herpes, insect bites), burns or “sunburns”. It also treats rheumatic pains, lumbago or sciatica, painful articulations, tendinitis and muscular pains. This book explains the benefits of this oil and its therapeutic uses. Yves Bertin is naturopath.