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    • Les virus, à l’origine de nos principales maladies By: Bruno Donatini 19,00

      Everyone talks about viruses as a common phenomenon. However, they would be responsible, without our knowledge, for many infections and diseases. 

      For the first time, this book synthesizes many recent publications on the subject. The author explains what a virus is, how it acts, its consequences on our health. 

      What are the factors that favor their emergence and development? What are the different preventions and natural methods to counteract them? 

      This is how we become aware that a simple fever blister shows a lasting and severe decline in our immunity, a risk for our digestive or bladder motor, or a risk of Parkinson’s disease or dementia. That our mouth is a reflection of our flora, the quality of our immunity and the efficiency of our autonomic nervous system, and that it also determines, as the author indicates, our fertility or our aging. 

      This information book emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene and excellent antiviral immunity. Knowing and understanding viruses is also about preventing and protecting yourself from bad health. 

      “Les champignons comestibles, aliments d’avenir” is the first book of the author published by the same publisher.


      Mushrooms word is as well magic as underexploited. Considered as pillars of ecological diversity for their powerful desinfecting and fertilizing powers, some edible mushrooms possess astonishing virtues and are known as powerful immune boosters. Others categories of mushrooms handle arterial high blood pressure, excess of cholesterol and diabetes. And have also weight-loss, stimulating and antibiotics properties. Arguments also emerge against allergy, insanity and also retinal degeneration. All qualities beeing not quite revealed yet…. Mushroom is a key for human health because it contains several biological active substances easily absorbed by our bowel. Unfortunately, rare, underestimated, suspected, hardly cultivated, expensive, it disappears from our tables. Chemists know their medicinal virtues and wish to classify them in their pharmacopoeia.

    • Bien dormir grâce à des remèdes naturels 18,00

      We sleep a third of our existence. If sleep if the key of our well being people tend to forget that. True practical guidance this book will explore everything to make you sleep like a log!

    • Vivre avec ou sans stress By: Doctor Marc Dellière 19,90

      A quarter of french people say they are stressed daily. We can’t escape it, stress stimulates us, help us beating challenges and it helps us adopt survival reactions. But it also can be bad for us and devastating…

    • Les 30 médicaments les + vendus sans ordonnance – faux besoins – vrais dangers – solutions naturelles de remplacement By: Florence Raynaud 18,00

      Yesterday, you had a stabbing migraine and you went into the closest pharmacy to buy, without beeing aware, tablets of paracetamol ® to relieve your pain. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to a better awareness of dangers of too much medecines and drugs. What are the real components of the first 30 medecines sold over-the-counter ? their effect ? where do they come from ? how does they act in my body? Where goes this chemical product ? Is it recycled ? and above all how it is possible to replace it by natural solutions : essential oil, homoeopathy, medicinal plants, gemmotherapy, healthy food or food complements ? The author answers to these questions and provides solutions of replacement that she has experimented with a lot of cutomers in her pharmacy and are very effective ! Pharmacist since 40 years, Florence Raynaud is now settled as naturopath and proposes conferences and workshops.She always advises her customers to found the right alternative medicines to avoid chemicals and drugs.

    • Les glandes endocrines – leur rôle sur la sexualité et le sytème nerveux 22,00

      Still unknown, endocrine glands have a prevailing role on nervous system. Having beeing cured of a congenital hypothyroïdie, Dr Jean Gautier recovered all his intellectual faculties by a rebalance of his endocrine glands. His theory shows the impact of all environmental factors on glandular balance, and specially endocrine disruptors which are increasingly pointed out today. Contents of Dr Jean Gautier’s works represent several thousand pages redefined by his follower Jean du Chazaud, as the endocrino-psychology. The author Jean du Chazaud is psychologist.

    • Comment éviter le burn-out 14,00

      World plague due to stress and exhaustion, burn-out can affect all generations. Tiredness, depression, loss of self-respect are the negative consequences that affect everyday life when it is too late. The most common temporary solution is to take antidepressants which lessen the symptoms, but do not affect the underlying causes. Facing more and more patients, victims of this plague, Doctor Kamami (victim him self from burn-out) proposes in his book a set of natural solutions bounded to his medical practice and his own experiment. Among them: · Prevent and manage stress; · React, resist to burn-out by recharging batteries; · Practice meditation of full consciousness as a protective shield. This book is not only medical. It is a practical book to understand the desease and avoid it. Numerous researches in neurosciences on peacefullness (mental and body) are in progress today and are approached here. They offer several possibilities to appropriate a state of mind: happiness.

    • La médecine préventive au secours de votre santé – bilan de santé & conseils au quotidien 14,50

      According to a recent world epidemiological study, current diseases (diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative disease, allergy) explode since 50 years and continue to increase. And this because of the evolution of technical progress (Wi-Fi), development of industrial food, and stress increasing in our modern society face to instability of economy. The most recent scientific estimations confirm that a better prevention could reduce from 30 to 60 % the risks of these new and existing diseases. That is why a medical check-up is recommanded by the age of 20. As prevention, this book allows the reader to inform himself and to understand his medical analysis. He can find : – Medical check-ups with a multiple choice questions form – – Interests and dangers of food in general on health – Pollutants in the industrial food – Interest of diets, and how to know which one can suits you? Their protective and depolluting effect on cardiovascular and cancerous affections. Doctor Rigaill is a general practitioner. He practices since about forty years. He is also the author of several books en health.


      Intended to all persons who like and go to the sea (sportsmen, lovers and vacationers of any ages), this pratical guide gives you tips for : * Preparing your first-aid box and kit before departure for a short or long time period by the sea, * Clearly identifying the faintness or the health problem according to occuring symptoms, and having the right reflexes. All accidents and most frequent symptoms met at the beach and in the sea are described. The right cure for symptoms while waiting for help is also described there. What are the different means for alerting sea rescue operations ? A medical lexicon and practical addresses are available at the end of the book. Doctor Philippe Nuham is a general practitioner and an osteopath. He also practices at a Parisian EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE.

    • La santé et les ondes nouvelles. Du nouveau à savoir & à faire savoir By: Simonne Brousse 19,25

      This book gathers information about electromagnetism and health, from 1935 to nowadays. Completed by several interviews, all readers can draw conclusions for protecting themselves, and organizing means of defense. Measures, scientific and technical terms are described and explained in a simple manner. Simonne Brousse (96 years old today) was a former journalist and health editor for the famous newspaper Vogue. Here, she presents a fascinating panorama of avant-garde works, discoveries, methods and results, and last researches. This work of detailed investigation gives us a simple and clear view of the medicine of this new century.

    • Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur le tabac 18,25

      Among the legions of self-help guides and other instruction manuals on how to quit smoking, this book clearly stands head and shoulders above them all. It is notably different in that, while highlighting all the methods to stop smoking, it stresses the importance of a profound desire to reach this goal. This book shows you: 1. Everything you want to know about tobacco and nicotine, how the addiction – the ‘hook’ – is rapidly established; the serious risks linked to smoking; the lifestyle of a smoker; his food; the health problems such as allergies that he has to face. 2. What ‘quit smoking’ really means. 3. The role that politics and society play in both the cause and the solutions to this problem. Dr. Odile Bellanger, with a Ph.D. that focused on cancer research, is left with no doubt that tobacco is a crucial element in cancer prevention.

    • Mieux lire et comprendre vos analyses biologiques By: Doctor Luc Bodin 15,00

      This new edition, which benefits from the most recent and up-to-date medical analyses, reviews the latest findings and figures on cholesterol, diabetes, triglycerides, metabolic syndrome and more. As an update, it brings numerous new details on new technologies. This edition includes additional chapters on lumbar and joint punctures. This book consists of three parts: – Part 1 describes the main biological analyses (blood, urine, lumbar and joint puncture tests, diabetes, cholesterol) and their standards. How to get a cancer diagnosis by way of a blood test? – Part 2 studies the main biological and medical check-ups with their meanings and causes, (what do the quantitative results actually mean? What are the diseases hidden behind the result? When we have to worry about it?), what are the useful exams to diagnose an allergy, infection, anemia, a hormonal imbalance for a woman, a thyroid problem, a pathology of prostate, etc. ? – Part 3, at the back of the book, is a glossary of 100 words and abbreviations used in the biological analyses. With this new edition, Dr. Bodin share shares with you more than 20 years of professional experience, and explains in detail the numeration related to each biological analysis known today.