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  • Yoga et Pilates en famille 14,90

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  • PREVENIR ET GUERIR PAR LE YOGA By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 25,90

    Do you know that a regular practice of yoga can successfully treats asthme, gastrites, arterial hypertension, colitis, anxiety and many others diseases? With more than 100 pictures, this guide details exercices to prevent, and cure more than 40 frequent organic or mechanic disorders of everyday life. Unique, this work is issued from more than 25 years of experience and practice of yoga with the governmental center of research and yogic treatments of Japur (Rajasthan).

  • Respirez By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 15,00

    Savez vous comment :
    • Ne pas être essoufflé lorsque vous marchez, courez, montez l’escalier ?
    • Vous détendre avant un rendez-vous important ? • Vous déstresser ?
    • Vous préparer à un sommeil profond ?
    • Et bien d’autres…pour être bien tout simplement.

    C’est ce que vous propose ce livre pratique illustré : apprenez à respirer comme vous apprenez à marcher, chose la plus naturelle au monde et indispensable pour votre santé. N’hésitez plus, concentrez vous sur la respiration dont vous avez besoin. Décrites étape par étape et illustrées, l’auteur propose 20 respirations essentielles selon les situations à pratiquer n’importe où et à n’importe quel moment.

  • Autisme et équithérapie 14,00

    This book is a testimony of profesionals about giving back serenity to autists people by way of the shared activities with the horse.

  • La Marche, un mouvement vital pour votre santé By: Cristina Cuomo 18,00

    Walking is a physical activity whose benefits are often ignored or underestimated. Yet, we practice it every day during our whole life since we are baby, whatever if we are active or not.

  • Yoga – De la tradition à la pratique 24,90

    Traditional yoga gives unexpected advantages even essentials linked to our life energy. It became trendy to practice, but people are don’t really know much about it.

  • Yoga du visage ou cirsan-kriya 14,00

    There is now natural methods to prevent face and neck skin aging (and looking younger!): practising face yoga on a daily basis.

  • Qui veut aller bien ménage sa posture – chemins pour vivre ss douleurs 16,00

    How to prevent pain and missstance everyday? This book show you how to exercise with illustrations to help you pick the right posture everyday.

  • Guide de méditation – le silence intérieur 18,00

    Being quiet, empty our mind, to rest, to meditate, those are vital exercices to face our daily lives with serenity and to redefine ourselves. This guide is an introduction for all to the buddhist meditation heritated from the “Ancient” tradition which is still learned in South Asia.

  • Les clés du bien vieillir 22,00

    Currently, there is many books about “well aging”, this subject has become more and more popular. Solutions are simple most of the time, but people continue to have fear about aging, not living well their retirement and assimilate old age with boredom and isolation

  • Je veux être un jeune centenaire ou Les incontournables d’une bonne santé By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 23,00

    Dr Willem dedicates his part time to research, trying to improve results obtained in strong pathologies. Since around thirty years, he works out his own protocols of treatment being particularly interested in pathologies for which allopathic medicine does not give results : cancers, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, strong eczemas, cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, migraines, cholesterol, hormonal disorders, etc. This book presents a synthesis of his work. Patients will find a source of information on origins of their health problems and special remedies to their troubles. All strong pathologies are described in detail with their causes, characteristics, preventions, specific analyses for each of them and the therapeutic steps to explore alternative medicines. All analyses to be made to appreciate health and tests, and weakness of the body are indicated in this book. By browsing this book, each of you will find a guide there who will accompany you maybe until 100 years.

  • S’exprimer et devenir soi par la Communication Profonde Accompagnée 16,00

    This method comes from the ‘facilitated communication ” introduced in Australia at the end of 1970s by Mrs RoseMary CROSSLEY. She worked as a teacher with disabled children suffering from IMC (CEREBRAL-MOTOR Disease). Facilitated communication (FC) is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of a communicatively impaired individual while using a keyboard or other devices with the aim of helping the individual to develop pointing skills and to communicate. The Deep Accompanied Communication (CPA), shows the unexpected and deeply moving dimension of persons deprived of words and apparently imprisoned into their everyday life. Proponents of FC suggest that some people with autism and moderate and profound mental retardation may have “undisclosed literacy”, or the capacity for other symbolic communication, consistent with higher intellectual functioning than has been presumed. This book comes from the experiments of two professionals focuses on How Facilitated Communication Is Challenging Traditional Views of Autism and disability. The book describes in detail the techniques and applications as well as its additional tools for personal growth. It is dedicated to parents, educators, therapists, researchers, philosophers, and all the medical staff.

  • YOGA ET ESTIME DE SOI By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 15,20

    Self esteem plays a major part in social and psychological behavior. It is also a source of energy that supports combativeness and creativity. It makes possible to recover from a failure. In this book, the author establishes a parallel between the psychoanalytical and hindouist theories based on the ego construction and the love of oneself. This book is also a pratical guide with simple yoga exercices conceived to develop a better self esteem and talent. General disorders will be better determined and managed.