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  • Les personnalités invivables By: Guy Lesoeurs Maurizio 18,00

    Foreword by Professor Gérard Ostermann


  • Prêt à réaliser votre rêve ? By: Rachel Colas 19,90

    – You dream of changing life without daring to take the leap
    – You want to undertake a personal or professional project that suits you better
    – You think that impossible can become possible…

    Then this book is for you. It will allow you to project yourself in the future in a confident way, by helping you to ask yourself the right questions and to understand what you really want to get started.

    Achieve your dearest dream. Do not wait until the events of life force you to change your habits and question your lifestyle : it is not because a dream seems unattainable to you that it will not be achieved one day. Now is the time to undertake this project and to « change your life »!

    BONUS: A decoupage card game to answer to all of your questions, and to offer you a real orientation matrix!

    Now is your turn!

    Rachel Colas is the author.

  • Alchimie & imagination active 16,00

    The book of Dorn is a good exemple of an inner discussion called by Jung active imagination. It highlights the way alchimy and depth psychology are part of the divine secret of human being.

  • Ombre & mal dans les contes de fées 20,00

    Talking with the wrong powers in ourself may disarmed and change the good influences, make them a real part of a conscience way larger and a total human harmony, it is the major realisation written by C.G.Jung

  • J’écoute donc tu es – l’importance de l’écoute 14,00

    LISTENING is a big part of our lives, and yet, we underestimate its importance and effects. What mean shall we give to attentiveness, and do we truly listen?

  • Les facettes de l’âme 23,00

    Creativity of soul is the omnipresent theme of this book. The author presents alternately its various inseparable facets. Today, psychology of depths kept the term Psyche to place fantasies and frenzies, madnesses and diseases of the humanity just like the most beautiful works of consciousness. Among thirty texts already published in collective works in Jungian books of psychoanalysis, the author demonstrates that creativity of soul intervenes in the fulfillment of the cure – we come into analysis because we suffer – and because contact with the unconscious allows to decipher its symptoms and to find new tracks to boost its vitality. But also in the sense of evolution of the personality named by Jung: process of individuation. Accessible to all, the art to dream, the progressive learning of the reception and the interpretation of the images stemming from the unconscious is of course, a major part of this progress which the author is going to illustrate throughout these chapters by narratives of dreams and situations told by his analysants in the fi l of the sessions. Marie-Laure Colonna is a philosopher and Jungian psychoanalyst. She is the author of numerous articles in Jungian books of psychoanalysis. She has already published “The adventure of the couple today, (Dervy 2007).”

  • 5 minutes de retard By: Rachel Colas 14,00

    In the words of Paul Eluard, “There is no such thing as coincidence, only meetings.” This book is a collection of 22 short stories, each bringing a major change of life to the main character. Could it be your story, a little bit of you? Show up five minutes late and everything can tilt, shift, change… and the moment after. Although pure fiction, these short stories take place in our modern world of today. A sampling: “Jack Said,” in which we find that a childhood act can have an effect long after, in adult life. The past always catches up, it seems. “Five Minutes Late,” will make us wonder why we take so long to make up our mind. It is frightening to realize that a mere few minutes can, in fact, radically alter our life. And that of others. “The Present in Room 69” To face the choice: Yes or No. To assume responsibility for the outcome. Must we always follow the beaten path? Should we take risks? Each one of us can make the right choice, if we listen to our inner voice. And just what does it tell us, this inner voice? “Lucky Day” Everything is relative. What appears to be a major catastrophe can, by taking a step back, be seen as the chance of a lifetime. Isn’t it time we had more faith in life, in our judgment? “SoulmateMeeting.com” We, all of us, spend our life looking everywhere for happiness. At any cost. Such is the lot of mankind. But much too often we fail to realize that happiness is right in front of us. Fate deals us tricky hands indeed. Rachel Colas, at 40, is taking part in her first short story competition, sponsored by a major French magazine for women. “Lucky Day” will no doubt garner reader’s votes. The die is cast; novels are on the way? Rachel Colas lives in Belgium.

  • Vivre ses émotions By: Patrick Merlevede Rachel Colas 15,20

    Just as world-class actors and actresses are able to mask their true emotions while displaying something altogether different, as called for their script, we can learn to live with our feelings and to express them freely.

    Whether in our professional or personal life, we are all entitled to our own opinion, even if it is at odds with those around us. We have the right to be angry, to express heartfelt emotions, or to live an intensely happy life. What is crucial, though, is that the emotions not be negative, and that they express in a positive way the message we wish to convey.

    This handy manual, based on the word ‘Mantra’ (a ‘thought device’, in Sanskrit), is filled with numerous examples and concrete exercises that help us get in step with the thrust of the book. Its principal purpose is to arouse the potential, present in each of us, to freely and intelligently live out our emotions as much in intimacy as in social life.

    This manual is not a recipe; it is a guide. It provides leads and observations that can help us develop our Emotional Quotient (EQ).