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  • Tout savoir sur les virus et y faire face By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 14,00

    Virus : Coronavirus, flu, Ebola, SRAS and others viral pathologies.
    Understand what they are, how they behave with environment and humans.

  • Devenez votre propre naturopathe By: Sylvie Bertin 19,00

    4th of cover translating soon !

  • Le livre SANTÉ des bols chinois ZHOU DAO – 188 recettes santé By: Bruno Soustre Wen Xiaowen 24,90

    Considered in Chinese antiquity as therapeutic preparations reserved for the members of the imperial family for longevity, they then evolved over the centuries to be distributed throughout China, becoming a sort of popular panacea.

    Born from the marriage between dietetics and traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia, the “Zhou” of today have evolved to more gastronomic than therapeutic forms. Still served in China nowadays in “specialized” restaurants, they retain all their attractiveness in terms of prevention.

    Unprecedent, this book rich in history and advice rehabilitates 188 original and delicious recipes to prevent and maintain good health. All based on cereals and legumes, they rebalance energetically the liver, the heart, spleen, stomach, lung and kidney, for more vitality, for weight regulation, and for any other need. As examples, there is the recipe for the Six Spirit Bowl, which is indicated for toning the Spleen and Stomach of people whose digestive system is weakened. But also, the recipe of carrot bowl and lamb meat for people with a deficiency of Kidney Yang or a deficiency of Qi and blood, with signs such as asthenia, fear of cold, weakness lumbar area and knees, abdominal pain.

    To find your way, you will find at the end of the book a therapeutic index, an alphabetical classification of 60 Chinese plants, 90 common ingredients with their properties and therapeutic indications, as well as practical addresses to get them…

  • SPIRULINE – algue bleue de santé et de prévention By: Doctor Jean-Louis Vidalo 22,00

    Spirulina is a kind of magic algae, it gives many nutrients and help to cure and prevent diseases. It is the most versatile source of nutrients since it may be transposable to many aspects and forms. But it is the most unknown algae of all aswell.

    At the origins of life on Earth, of that of the plant and animal kingdoms alike, spirulina is considered to be a type of algae: a BLUE MICROALGAE. It is only in recent times that it has begun to be consumed in different forms, recommended through word of mouth by those experiencing its benefi ts. Even if the microalgae is THE MOST rich in history, THE MOST universal source of nutrients, THE MOST complete in its composition, THE MOST controversial, THE MOST promising for multiple applications, it is also THE MOST unknown. Expanded with additional information, this new publication continues to address a very large audience. It complements several publications that have appeared on the subject, essentially technical works originating from exceptional pioneers, but aimed at future algae growers. What is spirulina composed of ? What makes it the most complete nutrient ? On all continents, spirulina is largely used in the fi ght against malnutrition in children. It is also consumed by athletes, including those who practise at a high level, as well as for reasons of anti-ageing, obesity, eating disorders, in cases of fatigue, stress, memory loss and insomnia. Why does the use of spirulina and its derivatives divide the scientifi c community, while the reports relating to its usefulness in health areas are multiplying ? In areas as sensitive and varied as those of cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, those of the brain (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), diabetes and rheumatism, autoimmune diseases, digestive illnesses, allergies, problems with sight, skin disorders… and also little-known illnesses such Willis- Ekbom (or restless legs syndrome).

  • Élixirs floraux de Viviane à faire soi-même By: Viviane Le Moullec 23,90

    Ce livre pratique s’adresse à toutes les personnes qui désirent réaliser des élixirs floraux et qui aiment les plantes, mais ne connaissent pas leurs multiples bienfaits.

    C’est aussi un livre pour les amoureux des jardins pour qu’ils découvrent une toute autre façon de voir les plantes.
    Parce qu’elles sont nos amies depuis toujours, qu’elles font partie de notre univers de vie, nous devons les protéger comme elles l’ont toujours fait pour nous dans de multiples domaines :

    • L’HOMÉOPATHIE en sait quelque chose puisque la plupart de ses remèdes sont issus du règne végétal.
    • L’HERBORISTERIE est une vivante illustration du bien qu’elles peuvent nous faire.

    L’alchimie des plantes est un savoir magique et ancestral, utilisée par toutes les civilisations depuis la nuit des temps.

    Aujourd’hui, réaliser des élixirs floraux est rentré dans notre vie quotidienne et l’on trouve sur le marché de nombreuses marques. Le Rescue, conçu originalement par le Dr Bach, aussi appelé remède d’urgence, est l’un des élixirs les plus connus. Il comprend 5 essences florales sous forme liquide ou en crème. On l’utilise en cas de stress intense, de choc ou de blessure.

    De plus en plus reconnus et utilisés par les professionnels de la santé, les elixirs aident leurs patients à traiter un problème ponctuel.
    De l’Absinthe à la Vigne, 84 plantes sont ici présentées. L’auteur nous livre, pour chacune d’elles, leurs secrets, leurs caractéristiques et l’aide qu’elles peuvent nous apporter.

    Visiter le site de l’auteure : http://pistar.chez.com/

  • La santé cellulaire By: Doctor Jean-Louis Vidalo 21,00

    Our cells are impacted by our way of living without us knowing it. We are made with hundreds of billions cells and each day millions born and dies. In order to maintain ourself healthy in aging we have to care.

  • Les ventouses en médecine énergétique chinoise 19,00

    Handy book for all, professionals and newbies. It restores processes we thought were outdated since antibiotics and painkillers : the use of the succion cup paired with some acupuncture protocols.

  • Dictionnaire complet d’aromathérapie By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka 25,90

    Sold everywhere and easily buyable, oils, hydrolats and essential oils should be verified by the customer in order to check their quality. This dictionary referenced more than 255 essential oils, 32 hydrolats and 34 vegetable oil to cure 309 diseases.

  • Les virus, à l’origine de nos principales maladies By: Bruno Donatini 19,00

    Everyone talks about viruses as a common phenomenon. However, they would be responsible, without our knowledge, for many infections and diseases. 

    For the first time, this book synthesizes many recent publications on the subject. The author explains what a virus is, how it acts, its consequences on our health. 

    What are the factors that favor their emergence and development? What are the different preventions and natural methods to counteract them? 

    This is how we become aware that a simple fever blister shows a lasting and severe decline in our immunity, a risk for our digestive or bladder motor, or a risk of Parkinson’s disease or dementia. That our mouth is a reflection of our flora, the quality of our immunity and the efficiency of our autonomic nervous system, and that it also determines, as the author indicates, our fertility or our aging. 

    This information book emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene and excellent antiviral immunity. Knowing and understanding viruses is also about preventing and protecting yourself from bad health. 

    “Les champignons comestibles, aliments d’avenir” is the first book of the author published by the same publisher.

  • Le livre santé des épices – 27 épices – 200 recettes de santé 23,90

    This unique book integrate 27 spices in 200 quick and easy recipes. The author digs it and offers us a cooking book but also a book about health: every spice is introduced around its story, traditions, benefits and different use.


    Mushrooms word is as well magic as underexploited. Considered as pillars of ecological diversity for their powerful desinfecting and fertilizing powers, some edible mushrooms possess astonishing virtues and are known as powerful immune boosters. Others categories of mushrooms handle arterial high blood pressure, excess of cholesterol and diabetes. And have also weight-loss, stimulating and antibiotics properties. Arguments also emerge against allergy, insanity and also retinal degeneration. All qualities beeing not quite revealed yet…. Mushroom is a key for human health because it contains several biological active substances easily absorbed by our bowel. Unfortunately, rare, underestimated, suspected, hardly cultivated, expensive, it disappears from our tables. Chemists know their medicinal virtues and wish to classify them in their pharmacopoeia.

  • 120 réponses d’un médecin de terrain aux pathologies d’aujourd’hui 20,00

    This book does not replace a medical examination. However, it avoid patients to have an overconsumption of chemical pills by returning to a common sense medecine. This practical guide is for all people who try to understand their problems to look after themselves and remain healthy. The author describes 120 pathologies frequently met in his office, from chronic inflammatory to emergency disords without forgetting prevention and its available treatments. All basic advices are described here to maintain a good health and to feed well. Doctor of Medicine, Gérard Leborgne has fifty years experience. He is also specialized into natural medicines.

  • Courants vitaux et nutripuncture By: Cristina Cuomo Doctor Patrick Véret 24,00

    Foreword by Edgar Morin

    Did you know that our cells communicate permanently between them? In this book, the authors present a method to help cellular communication and self-regulation.
    Over time, the stressful situations of live alter cellular self-regulation: our cells become unable to communicate in a consistent manner.
    Many experiments have allowed people who use this method to highlight physical trauma, the death of a loved one, miscarriage, separation, rape, but also job loss, a move, family conflicts, etc., constituting for our cells stresses that weaken specific areas of the body.
    Using 39 polymetallic complexes, it is possible to relaunch the information that modulates cell life, in order to defuse the impact of stress on natural self-regulation and thereby enhance psychosomatic vitality at all ages.
    The authors present the numerous applications of a phenomenological method, based on observation and experimentation, which finds its bases in the innovative fields of science: epigenetics, theory of complex systems, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology (PNEI), quantum physics. Among the researchers inspired it are Georges Lakhovsky, Barbara McClintock, physicists F. Albert Popp and Emilio Del Giudice.

  • Trésor des plantes médicinales – par le Dr Parès, pionnière du soin par les plantes By: Doctor Béatrice Milbert Lucie Hubert 22,00

    New look on medicinal plants and their innumerable treasures, this practical book is the testimony of Professor Yvette Parès, internationally renowned scientist, first in the world to cultivate the bacillus of leprosy. Confronted with the limitations of Western therapies to cure this disease, she discovered the potential of traditional African medicine and was initiated by a master knowing how to associate several plants to ensure their optimal synergy.
    It was after thirty years of medical experience in Senegal that she decided, in 1996, when she returned to Europe, to write a therapeutic work based on the use of European medicinal plants. She gives all her formulas (decoction, infusion, maceration, miraculous waters, medicated oils, medicinal vinegars, alcoholic drinks, etc.) to cure everyday ailments as well as more serious diseases by writing innumerable cards concerning them and their most diverse symptoms.

  • Votre guide des Huiles Essentielles au quotidien – 80 Huiles Essentielles By: Maryline Hourlier 16,00

    Un livre pour toute la famille.
    Cet ouvrage s’adresse à tous, y compris à toute la famille, qui souhaitent se soigner de façon naturelle et rapide et qui veulent améliorer leur quotidien, prévenir et guérir des maux du quotidien.

    On y découvre les qualités des Huiles Essentielles les plus courantes, savoir les choisir et les utiliser avec toutes les précautions d’usage, ainsi que de multiples formules efficaces pour guérir le plus rapidement possible.

    L’auteur propose aussi l’association de ces dernières avec les hydrolats et les huiles végétales pour permettre de les utiliser quand il le faut et comme il le faut.
    Cet ouvrage n’oublie pas les Huiles Essentielles de base à avoir toujours dans sa trousse de voyage en toutes circonstances !

  • Fatigué ? Fibromyalgie ou syndrome de fatigue chronique By: Doctor Luc Bodin 16,00

    Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are two diseases known under different names: fibrositis, neurasthenia, diffuse polyalgic syndrome …

    Today, more than 12 million Europeans, including 1.4 million in France, are suffering from fibromyalgia, not to mention the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Women are more often affected and represent 9 out of 10 cases. But children can also have this disease. In the United States, for example, 5 to 8% of pediatric hospitalizations correspond to this condition, especially girls aged 13 to 15 years.

    Neglected for a long time, these diseases are now officially recognized by major international administrations.
    Fibromyalgia covers many different symptoms that sometimes intersect with other symptoms of already known diseases such as spasmophilia, myasthenia, depression, post-traumatic stress, rheumatism …
    The two main symptoms are pain (in particular areas of the body) and fatigue. The other signs: intestinal disorders, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and people with fibromyalgia are often relegated to the rank of psychic patients. Conventional medicine is very poor against these diseases. It mainly offers pain killers, physiotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy.

    This book reviews all current knowledge about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It exposes the symptoms, causes and existing treatments including the latest discoveries. But above all, it describes in detail all the discoveries and therapies that have been tried all over France and around the world, which can concretely bring solutions or reliefs to sick people.

  • Se soigner sans antibiotiques, c’est possible By: Florence Raynaud 16,00

    Do you know that we can cure most of our ills with natural remedies and without tiring our body ? Florence Raynaud, pharmacist, offers a practical guide for the whole family. She conveys us her knowledge, advice and dosage to heal you against daily digestive, respiratory, urinary, eyes or skin problems without antibiotics.

    You will understand why antibiotics are not necessarily essential, when natural medicines exist ! They can heal children as well as adults, with recommendations for pregnant women.

    What are the effects of antibiotics on our body? (allergies, antimicrobial résistance, etc.). In which case should we favour natural remedies over antibiotics?


    In this book, Olivia de Bergerac details her experiences with dolphins and their power of transformation and healing that dolphin encounters bring. It is told through stories and transcripts of conversations with participants of expeditions she has organised. Extensive EEG recordings demonstrate dramatic changes in the brainwaves of participants before and after a dolphin swim, and these provide possible explanations of the changes in mind, body and spirit observed in people who encounters dolphins. Each of the ten transformative patterns identified is illustrated with a case study. The book also outline the ‘dolphins in the harbour’ project that aimed at facilitating the return of dolphins to Sydney harbour. The dolphin Within describes a new psychology of human potential based on a dolphin model. Some chapters are devoted to the ‘corporate dolphin’ way of doing business and fresh approaches to team building and defining corporate goals are illustrated with actual examples from the business world.

  • Dictionnaire complet d’aromathérapie By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka 24,90

    This complete DICTIONARY of essential oils and AROMATHERAPY is the updated and completed new edition of ” Essential Oils – 230 oils, how to cure 170 troubles of everydaylife “. It defines: – How to use an Essential Oil, a hydrolat or a vegetable oil (by cutaneous, oral or air ionization way), Each way to treat a pathology is explained step by step and contain practical and easy-to-understand form, detailing every conceivable use for essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life. – How to choose and buy them. This dictionary references alphabetically 250 Essential Oils, 32 Hydrolats and 34 Vegetable Oils. 300 current pathologies are handled. A complete index (medical and botanical) is available at the end of work. Jean-Philippe Zahalka is Doctor of pharmacy. His book is full of information with professional advice and special precautions. He prepares his own essential oil formulas for his customers in his pharmacy located in Paris.

  • Anorexie – Boulimie 19,00

    If you are facing anorexia or bulimia or any other food trouble daily you may wonder how to react. This book will help you finding the way of behaving, speaking to people having these troubles