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  • S’exprimer et devenir soi par la Communication Profonde Accompagnée 16,00

    This method comes from the ‘facilitated communication ” introduced in Australia at the end of 1970s by Mrs RoseMary CROSSLEY. She worked as a teacher with disabled children suffering from IMC (CEREBRAL-MOTOR Disease). Facilitated communication (FC) is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of a communicatively impaired individual while using a keyboard or other devices with the aim of helping the individual to develop pointing skills and to communicate. The Deep Accompanied Communication (CPA), shows the unexpected and deeply moving dimension of persons deprived of words and apparently imprisoned into their everyday life. Proponents of FC suggest that some people with autism and moderate and profound mental retardation may have “undisclosed literacy”, or the capacity for other symbolic communication, consistent with higher intellectual functioning than has been presumed. This book comes from the experiments of two professionals focuses on How Facilitated Communication Is Challenging Traditional Views of Autism and disability. The book describes in detail the techniques and applications as well as its additional tools for personal growth. It is dedicated to parents, educators, therapists, researchers, philosophers, and all the medical staff.

  • Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur le tabac 18,25

    Among the legions of self-help guides and other instruction manuals on how to quit smoking, this book clearly stands head and shoulders above them all. It is notably different in that, while highlighting all the methods to stop smoking, it stresses the importance of a profound desire to reach this goal. This book shows you: 1. Everything you want to know about tobacco and nicotine, how the addiction – the ‘hook’ – is rapidly established; the serious risks linked to smoking; the lifestyle of a smoker; his food; the health problems such as allergies that he has to face. 2. What ‘quit smoking’ really means. 3. The role that politics and society play in both the cause and the solutions to this problem. Dr. Odile Bellanger, with a Ph.D. that focused on cancer research, is left with no doubt that tobacco is a crucial element in cancer prevention.

  • Les 250 réponses de l’herboriste – Nouvelle édition – 15,20

    In this latest book, Marie-Antoinette Mulot gives us specific solutions, with medicinal plants, to 250 common diseases and aches that so often plague our daily life. She reveals her many personal ‘Granny’ recipes, seasoned with her vast knowledge. All common illnesses from Acne to Shingles are listed. Marie – Antoinette Mulot is a 1941 graduate of the University of Pharmacy, in Montpellier (France). During her numerous years of practice, MAM was able to observe that the same health problems seemed to recur frequently, and that, among her patients, some of these problems occurred more frequently than others. She also had the opportunity to experiment the efficiency of these medications intended to soothe these daily ills, and to improve or refine their composition. It is this unique experience that forms the core of this book, and in it you will find the answers to the health and well-being issues we face daily: from Acne to Shingles, including Constipation, Hiccups, Lumbago, Liver, Muscular Cramps and Migraines. In her latest work, Marie-Antoinette Mulot provides us with each and every secret to soothe and heal, with medicinal plants, all these annoying ills and aches that in no small way tend to spoil our daily life.

  • Bien nourrir son cerveau By: Doctor Luc Bodin 18,00

    Although representing barely 2% of our body weight, the brain has priority access to our food intake for its requirements to stay healthy and in tip-top shape for optimum performance. In spite of numerous discoveries resulting from today’s leading-edge technology, such as MIRs and CAT-scans, the brain, without question is the most ‘noble’ organ in our body, and its functions remains the least understood. In order for the brain to actively function day and night, controlling vital functions even while we sleep, avoid getting overwhelmed by chaos (not finding a word, forgetfulness, headache, fatigue, etc.), reduce the risk of common illnesses (Alzheimers, Parkinsons, depression, etc..), certain nutrients are vital. So as to optimize its efficiency and especially prevent its deterioration resulting from aging, stress, pollution and other causes, the brain needs to find these nutrients in our daily food intake. Neither therapy nor medicine will ever take the place of the nutrients provided by the food we eat. A lack of one vitamin or mineral will have consequences on brain functions and on our memory that can bring about catastrophic results. Everything you need to know about the brain, you will find in this book: How it works: The medical exams that allow us to determine if it is in good health, and what its nutrition requirements are to make certain it continues to work well. Which nutrients and why. The nutrients vital to its activity (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, sugars, fats, minerals), the foods where these are found, and in abundance, your recommended diet if you are a student, or lead a fast-paced lifestyle, or are an expecting mother, or maybe are over 50. Also some thirty recipes, easy to prepare, and each tailored to your specific profile and activity level. After receiving his doctorate in medicine in the 80s, Dr Luc Bodin obtained a university degree in clinical cancer research at Villejuif in 2004. For 25 years he has been a general practitioner, leaning toward alternative medicine. He now resides in the Narbonne region of France, and dedicates his time to continuing research and to writing. Dr Bodin is the author of several books on health by the same publisher.

  • Les plantes en pharmacie – 2E et nlle édition – By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 18,25

    This practical guide describes 350 plants for all of those who wish to take care of their health without visiting the doctor in the slightest cold. It is a new and updated publication that to the practice of the aromatherapy which the author, the pharmacist, experiments every day in his pharmacy with passion and conviction.This second edition grew rich of exotic plants such as Lapacho, Kudzu, Griffonia, Desmodium, also plants of cold countries (Rhodiola, Cane bank, red Clover) and of a mushroom from Japan with multiple properties. This book contains : *alphabetical Classification of plants (natural or in capsules) with their properties and curative indications * Advices and combination of herbal teas * therapeutic Index * medical, botanical and pharmaceutical Lexicon.

  • Le massage chinois Tui Na ou la main de soie 16,25

    Tui Na is the ancient art of Chinese massage that, for centuries, has been practiced to enhance health and well-being and which has become an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. It includes the massaging of acupuncture points, but what is striking is the extensive variety of techniques that it comprises, each with its own deliberate and unique effect on the flow of vital energy in our body. The specific effect on this force constitutes in some way the ‘spirit’ of each technique. The thirty basic techniques – Yao (‘rotating’), Tui (‘pushing’), Qic (‘piano-playing’), Gun (‘rolling’), and many others – are described in this manual for both preventative as well as therapeutic protocols. Many illustrations and over 100 photos help the reader to better understand the process. Christophe Labigne he is a graduate of the European University of Chinese Traditional Medicine and has been practicing Tui Na massage since 1986. He lives in Montpellier, France.

  • Mieux lire et comprendre vos analyses biologiques By: Doctor Luc Bodin 15,00

    This new edition, which benefits from the most recent and up-to-date medical analyses, reviews the latest findings and figures on cholesterol, diabetes, triglycerides, metabolic syndrome and more. As an update, it brings numerous new details on new technologies. This edition includes additional chapters on lumbar and joint punctures. This book consists of three parts: – Part 1 describes the main biological analyses (blood, urine, lumbar and joint puncture tests, diabetes, cholesterol) and their standards. How to get a cancer diagnosis by way of a blood test? – Part 2 studies the main biological and medical check-ups with their meanings and causes, (what do the quantitative results actually mean? What are the diseases hidden behind the result? When we have to worry about it?), what are the useful exams to diagnose an allergy, infection, anemia, a hormonal imbalance for a woman, a thyroid problem, a pathology of prostate, etc. ? – Part 3, at the back of the book, is a glossary of 100 words and abbreviations used in the biological analyses. With this new edition, Dr. Bodin share shares with you more than 20 years of professional experience, and explains in detail the numeration related to each biological analysis known today.

  • PREVENIR ET GUERIR PAR LE YOGA By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 23,35

    Do you know that a regular practice of yoga can successfully treats asthme, gastrites, arterial hypertension, colitis, anxiety and many others diseases? With more than 100 pictures, this guide details exercices to prevent, and cure more than 40 frequent organic or mechanic disorders of everyday life. Unique, this work is issued from more than 25 years of experience and practice of yoga with the governmental center of research and yogic treatments of Japur (Rajasthan).

  • YOGA ET ESTIME DE SOI By: Christine Campagnac-Morette 15,20

    Self esteem plays a major part in social and psychological behavior. It is also a source of energy that supports combativeness and creativity. It makes possible to recover from a failure. In this book, the author establishes a parallel between the psychoanalytical and hindouist theories based on the ego construction and the love of oneself. This book is also a pratical guide with simple yoga exercices conceived to develop a better self esteem and talent. General disorders will be better determined and managed.