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  • Le livre SANTÉ des bols chinois ZHOU DAO – 188 recettes santé 24,90

    Born from dietetics and traditional chinese pharmacopeia, “Zhous” mutate to gastronomical forms more than therapeutics. Still served in China today in specialised restaurants, they still keep their prevention side.

  • La médecine chinoise, nouvelle voie de santé en Occident 16,00

    Chinese medicine has an enormous supply in terms of prevention and healing. The Yin/Yang concept, the vital energy “Qi” and the importance of the meridians are detailed, crossing easterns and westerns views and showing their complementarity.

  • Dictionnaire de Médecine Energétique Chinoise NE 28,00

    This book regroups every terms of the Chinese Energetic, explains and details them from A to Z. It develops the major notions of energy in the Universe and in Man, invisible units : Qi, Yin and Yang, Five elements, human energetic system, energies and rotations…

  • Yoga du visage ou cirsan-kriya 14,00

    There is now natural methods to prevent face and neck skin aging (and looking younger!): practising face yoga on a daily basis.

  • Qui veut aller bien ménage sa posture – chemins pour vivre ss douleurs 16,00

    How to prevent pain and missstance everyday? This book show you how to exercise with illustrations to help you pick the right posture everyday.

  • Bien dormir grâce à des remèdes naturels 18,00

    We sleep a third of our existence. If sleep if the key of our well being people tend to forget that. True practical guidance this book will explore everything to make you sleep like a log!

  • Vivre avec ou sans stress 19,90

    A quarter of french people say they are stressed daily. We can’t escape it, stress stimulates us, help us beating challenges and it helps us adopt survival reactions. But it also can be bad for us and devastating…

  • Les virus, à l’origine de nos principales maladies 19,00

    Synthetising recent publications, here is the goal of this book. Knowing mora about viruses, how they behave, their consequences on our health.

  • Le corps humain, cette magnifique machine 19,90

    Knowing your body may be a big deal, especially your neuro- vertebral system. Why do we have back aches? How to go through? Understand articulary pains and to maintain our bodies in an optimal function which lead to a good health?

  • Dictionnaire complet des Hydrolats & eaux florales By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 20,00

    Cosmetics use hydrolats and floral water as cleansing and tonic lotions for the face as well as parfumed water to refresh the body. What do we really know about those, the way of using it and their benefits on our bodies?

  • Dictionnaire complet d’aromathérapie By: Jean-Philippe Zahalka, chemist 25,90

    Sold everywhere and easily buyable, oils, hydrolats and essential oils should be verified by the customer in order to check their quality. This dictionary referenced more than 255 essential oils, 32 hydrolats and 34 vegetable oil to cure 309 diseases.

  • Guide de méditation – le silence intérieur 18,00

    Being quiet, empty our mind, to rest, to meditate, those are vital exercices to face our daily lives with serenity and to redefine ourselves. This guide is an introduction for all to the buddhist meditation heritated from the “Ancient” tradition which is still learned in South Asia.

  • Les clés du bien vieillir 22,00

    Currently, there is many books about “well aging”, this subject has become more and more popular. Solutions are simple most of the time, but people continue to have fear about aging, not living well their retirement and assimilate old age with boredom and isolation

  • Les ventouses en médecine énergétique chinoise 19,00

    Handy book for all, professionals and newbies. It restores processes we thought were outdated since antibiotics and painkillers : the use of the succion cup paired with some acupuncture protocols.

  • Les protéines végétales dans tous leurs états 18,00

    Plant protein are more than ever a part of our daily meals! Because yes, their comeback in our diet upset the clichés and no, meatless diet is not a deficiency diet.

  • QI QONG 16,00

    Qi gong’s goal is to reinforce vital energy, to remove the tensions to aim for a perfect balance mind and body and to fortify the physiological functions to prevent and fight diseases. The person practicing have to adjust her movements, posture, her breathing and mental to find harmony in ernergetic circulation preserving and dynamising vitality

  • Santé et performances sportives – Diététique de l’effort et Micronutrition – Questions de pratiquants 16,00

    Practicing a sport is healthy for everybody, it enables you to take care of your silhouette and body in general. So many sportsmen ignored dangers of an unfitted diet with the needs of their bodies.

  • Les huiles essentielles médecine d’avenir By: Doctor Jean-Pierre Willem 20,30

    Tandis que l’on constate le retour des grandes épidémies et le peu d’efficacité des antibiotiques nous avons à notre disposition une vaste gamme de molécules aromatiques capables d’enrayer les infections bactériennes et virales, de relancer les défenses naturelles (immunitaires), de soulager les petits maux de la vie quotidienne et d’être utile pour les soins du corps. Leur champ d’activité est très vaste, de la médecine à la cosmétique.

  • Les 30 médicaments les + vendus sans ordonnance – faux besoins – vrais dangers – solutions naturelles de remplacement By: Florence Raynaud 18,00

    Yesterday, you had a stabbing migraine and you went into the closest pharmacy to buy, without beeing aware, tablets of paracetamol ® to relieve your pain. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to a better awareness of dangers of too much medecines and drugs. What are the real components of the first 30 medecines sold over-the-counter ? their effect ? where do they come from ? how does they act in my body? Where goes this chemical product ? Is it recycled ? and above all how it is possible to replace it by natural solutions : essential oil, homoeopathy, medicinal plants, gemmotherapy, healthy food or food complements ? The author answers to these questions and provides solutions of replacement that she has experimented with a lot of cutomers in her pharmacy and are very effective ! Pharmacist since 40 years, Florence Raynaud is now settled as naturopath and proposes conferences and workshops.She always advises her customers to found the right alternative medicines to avoid chemicals and drugs.

  • APÉRITIFS et digestifs naturels à faire sm – 180 recettes santé – NLLE COLLECTION 19,00

    A long seller newly presented with this new edition: 180 cheap and easy recipes to be made with more than 80 fruits and 20 healing plants of the garden (or the market). If too much alcohol is dangerous for health, and to consume with moderation, nothing is better than : – The cream of raspberry, astringent and against the inflammation of airways, – The liqueur of cherry which help you to eliminate, and digest meats, – The ratafia of violet is a wellknown remedy against constipation, – The syrup of hawthorn is excellent against insomnia.

  • FROMAGE FRAIS FERMIER, Petit-lait & le babeurre – 90 recettes et leurs bienfaits – PROBIOTIQUES NATURELS 19,00

    Made from ewe’s milk, goat or cow, cottage cheese, whey and buttermilk (all forgotten probiotics) are famous for their benefits on health. Unlike cottage cheese, whose production develops gradually all around the world, whey and buttermilk are still unknown in some Europe’s countries. Cottage cheese belongs to the best foodstuffs category for the human body. Full of calcium and phosphor, it owns curative qualities and participates to growth of children. Whey is plenty of minerals and vitamins. Excellent for diet, this drink strengthens immunity, eliminates toxin and helps to overcome long-term fatigue. Buttermilk, essential to fight overweight problems, is full of proteins and vitamins, and owns dietary and biological values. 90 original recipes complete this book with tons of information on curative properties. Beauty care is also described at the end of the book : benefits of probiotics has been widely proved by the healthcare professionals.

  • Les glandes endocrines – leur rôle sur la sexualité et le sytème nerveux 22,00

    Still unknown, endocrine glands have a prevailing role on nervous system. Having beeing cured of a congenital hypothyroïdie, Dr Jean Gautier recovered all his intellectual faculties by a rebalance of his endocrine glands. His theory shows the impact of all environmental factors on glandular balance, and specially endocrine disruptors which are increasingly pointed out today. Contents of Dr Jean Gautier’s works represent several thousand pages redefined by his follower Jean du Chazaud, as the endocrino-psychology. The author Jean du Chazaud is psychologist.


    In industrialized countries, knowing how to feed is essential. Checking the origin of food before buying it is fundamental to stay in good health. What are the basic food (water, salt, sugar, oil, milk, fats, bread) how choosing the best quality ? What is industrial food (sodas, ‘energizing’ drinks, daily products, biscuits, candy, etc made of ? How to distinguish right from wrong ? How works the food-processing industry (animal breeding, hormones, fertilizers, pesticides, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), fluorine) ? This book is for all readers. It doesn’t intended to influence our buying trend toward such type of food but rather to awake and guide the reader in his discernment of good senses. It also contains a small practical guide on food and lifestyle with basic advices, traps to be avoided and benefits of Mediterranean diet.

  • La diététique ayurvédique By: Indrajit Garaï 19,00

    Translation coming soon